i was bored, so i got on virtual dj and made a mix and shuffled to it! (: enjoy THIS VIDEO IS DEDICATED TO ALLIE BRISKORN!!!

25 Responses to “shuffle practice to PARTY ROCK ANTHEM, DIRTY BIT, DAY N NIGHT”

  1. KartDude123 says:

    i am not tht good at shuffling and want to practice with my friends and do
    shows and stuff, but man, i doubt i will ever be as good as you!

  2. pacheco34248 says:


  3. alina agopian says:

    thats my little Jermomo <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jeremy Cancio says:

    @djodi perwira the songs name are in the titles

  5. Blazer4Life1 says:

    Whats that black eye peas remix called?

  6. Blazer4Life1 says:

    ??? Last name of the remix of the last song?

  7. Normanie Espinoza says:

    i like the mix….the dancing was ok iv seen better but you were ight

  8. conorlaing1 says:

    now try some jumpstyle

  9. Stephen Anthony Evans says:

    Heyyy, good job at Shuffling. I enjoy watching your vids. πŸ™‚ You should
    DEFINitELY CHECK THIS OUT: LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (Audiobot Remix) You
    can get it on iTunes. πŸ˜‰

  10. Stephen Anthony Evans says:

    FYI: It dont get good until 2:00 mins in on the Remix tho lol

  11. adamary torres says:


  12. Your shufflin’ is amazin.

  13. Dam man how you move like that??????

  14. iBoReDoMiFieD says:

    Same stuff until 2.00. Not bad after that. View my channel for the official
    BEST shuffle to LMFAO ever! j777rock, you are good.

  15. angeliqueantone says:

    Thiss one is my favorite ! Youu did SO good Jeremy(:

  16. The homie Jeremy?haha getting downnn -chris

  17. igetoffjerkin says:

    YOU SUCK JK… pretty good i subbed

  18. Djodi Perwira says:

    hmm,the song is remix,isn’t it? can you tell me the link to download it?

  19. adamary torres says:


  20. Jeremy Cancio says:

    thank you everyone (:

  21. Amanda Soto says:

    ur relly good this is awsomee

  22. coconutcrawler says:

    Cool mix son. Was it done with the free version or the paid one. I only
    have the free one & I could never do that. Keep at it and you’ll be raising
    some eyebrows!

  23. ev ev ev ev eveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveveve everybody lol

  24. Djodi Perwira says:

    emm,can you tell the song name?

  25. work on it. you got the basic glide down but your more just bouncing left
    and right. theres no running action in that