Shuffle Rotoscope!
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  1. katy13104827377 says:


  2. turborockstomper says:


  3. darklucky16 says:

    it took me like 2 days to get good nd i got it yeshh

  4. retard8329 says:

    oh yer go asians

  5. BAKaSAn100 says:

    the effect is gay..

  6. michaelrdz9113 says:

    badass n whats te name of te song

  7. zielony254 says:

    hahahahaah ! Xddddeeee men 😀 poland king yes

  8. DJmurderbazz says:

    wahaha nicccce :D:D

  9. ThePsk2011 says:


  10. lSchibbyl says:

    @FinnTheSharpshooter Sry for the grammar .. im german and english is not by best school subject 😀

  11. FinnTheSharpshooter says:

    @lSchibbyl illogical ;D lol, i be no grammar nazi but you sound like ralf wiggam, and yeh ur right xD

  12. humvee600 says:

    song name plz?

  13. Cateterx says:

    very nice^^

  14. lSchibbyl says:

    Realy great video 🙂
    But maybe the most unlogical story ever -> Learning to shuffle in 1 minute ;D

    But Great job 🙂

  15. agentevirus says:

    really nice!!

  16. wow great vid. :O
    can anyone tell me the song name?

  17. thebladaren97 says:

    what program is he using?! ;O and how does he do it?! ;O 😀

  18. Rozkyshuffle says:

    Wow thats awesome 😀

  19. redstreaks101 says:

    Dude that was awesome.

  20. Kleitoink says:

    Great !!!!! the best ever !!! d[ô6,]b

  21. XxXRevoEvgeniXxX says:

    Wow This One is Osem How You Mack It???

  22. wow… really great job rotoscoping this!!

  23. clubskitzhardstyle says:

    haha nice man

    u should watch some of my vids

    my crew csh dedicated it 2 nick skitz 😛


  24. What’s the song name?