SHUFFLEGIRL's video compilation of her past shuffling videos. Programs used: - Fraps 2.9.8. - Sony Vegas Pro 9.0

25 Responses to “SHUFFLE: Shuffle Compilation”

  1. theturdanator109 says:

    man dude shes awesome……… btw ppl heres a tip or a fact for u ppl who think ur the best of the best on shufflin well to tell u the truth ur nt no 1 is the best of the best k its the truth and if u think u suk i bet u dnt u juss gotta feel the beat k keep on tryin!!!! thumbs up if u agree wit me!!!

  2. TheHardstyleMan4 says:

    3 people Got Beaten By a 13 Year Old In Shuffling :S

  3. ShuffffleXD says:

    @ThePookemon ikr

  4. ThePookemon says:

    wow her slides are great 😀

  5. Hey JC, Song List Please? She’s great! Btw this would be hilarious if you saw this during a lunch break at a primary school hahaha!

  6. jackyzred says:

    damn she fucken awesome !!!!!!!!!!

  7. culoattack says:

    shit shes fuckend good how long has she been shuffleling

  8. Redbullinator2000 says:

    Do you know who Moonboy is? If so, you oughta have a competition with him!

  9. I love this girl…she is so tiny and she rocks the floor

  10. wolfxride says:

    dude i lost all faith in my abilities lol D:>

  11. lucasdht says:

    nice man


    comenta ae


  12. MelboourneShuffle says:

    @cellcruise Im With You 🙂

  13. nice shufflin girl !!4


  14. robheaton123 says:


  15. jonygate0016 says:

    best shuffle girl /watch?v=XZDV2q402m8

  16. cellcruise says:

    A True ravers paradice is flat empty planet , with marble floors and lights. Oh yeah , and speakers the size of the Empire state building. Who feels me ?

  17. has anything ever been so awesome and adorable at the same time!?

  18. abyssmalfroz says:

    moonboy and her should be partners like pae sna sarah LOL y is ur dog is lifeless

  19. musicpopper9 says:

    awesome shuffling

    pleazz check owt mah vids aswel

  20. basikalmurah says:

    wow!!!nice style…she should battle with moonboy!!!!

  21. She’s so tiny! Too cute!

  22. i posted here asking for the name of the songs, i’ve finally got them all. here they are:
    0:00 – 0:50 Activator & Zatox – Freedom
    0:51 – 1:16 Brennan Heart – Memento
    1:17 – 2:12 Brennan Heart – Remember Remember

  23. HardstyleShuffler252 says:

    does she have own channel? or more vids?

  24. 12 now.

  25. xXLaNceBXx says:

    how old is she?