best dancers shuffle style melbourne - HR hardstyle republic
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25 Responses to “Shuffle Style Melbourne HR”

  1. hotttpocket says:

    haha its cool cause imagine being at a park or gathering of some sort and you see some guy jerking, your gonna be like, wow that looks cool, but if you see some guy doing extreme hardcore melbourne style shuffling, your like, omg hes flippin out lol

  2. cougher989 says:

    lol. Yeah look at 1:23… they are performing a ritual lmao.

  3. gabriel007733 says:

    PERFECT…perfeito as edições de vídeos, fora os carinha dançando haha muito bom: very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

  4. boomerman1100 says:

    whats the opening song called/ the one from 0:00-0:26

  5. SamyAragonTV says:

    i made that first move ur super bonk hardstyle cats..

  6. MrGertastic says:

    wats the tune at 2:12

  7. poetic1743 says:

    what was that song called at the beginning of the video?

  8. hey3…i am malaysian..,,but i am not Hardstyle Evolution …ares aka the star

  9. HR= Hardstyle Republic…are from malaysia

  10. yeh

  11. hermitzrock says:

    some of this is malaysian?

  12. eurisjackass says:

    ve o meu video ae comentem /watch?v=FD9kWQXiupU

  13. its just cuz hes so crazy skinny

  14. someone know some song???i only wanna the song of the minute 2:12 and the next song 2:50

  15. 0:27 the first guy has a MAAASSIVE head

  16. he is gay, do you like gays??? kkkk

    I saw some his or her videos and he is very, very gay

  17. willianpch says:

    Very good!

  18. what the 1st song name?

  19. Brainfuck91 says:

    sacco isnt and wasnt HR …

  20. omg fukin SICK

  21. n1, the first dude was great

  22. TranceAddictZ says:

    The first guy is pwnage!! 😀

  23. marvinator95 says:

    I wish XD
    No only the head i mean
    and the style 😛
    But yeah i like the vid =D ITS AWESOME

  24. hahah maybe are u 😛

  25. marvinator95 says:

    The first guy… looks a little like me -.-