Shuffle TribalMix Dj Jayy-R

Everyday Im Shuffling
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25 Responses to “Shuffle TribalMix Dj Jayy-R”

  1. shorttexas214 says:

    name of song at 2:25 ??

  2. akiibee123 says:

    2:54 sandstorm DJ glow

  3. Isaacvilla123321 says:

    La cancion del minuto 3:44

  4. Isaacvilla123321 says:

    La cancion del minuto 2:54

  5. CindyMahone1 says:

    Uhhh, your sweats are falling. LOL

  6. jhnoito Hgil says:

    pincho con el trival

  7. Koritabby says:

    I wanna Marry one of those guyss. They look goodd and pluss they know how to dress and Dance 🙂 my type of guy.

  8. MrRoysoto says:

    puro TRIBAL

  9. rubisabella94 says:

    como se llama la rola en minuto 4:42??

  10. rubisabella94 says:

    <3 TRIBAL <3

  11. rubisabella94 says:

    I agree! that guy in the pink shirt <3 he knows how to moveeee it. OKAY all of them 

  12. TheArisArmand says:

    El baile copia de LMFAO, creo que la originalidad se le pierde

  13. francisco4343 says:

    como se llama la cancion

  14. yelux14 says:

    se mas espesifico en ese minuto esta una cancion de antes y enpiesa otra

  15. abyss1231000 says:

    rmc hx d j

  16. Isaacvilla123321 says:

    Como se llama la cancion del minuto 2:54

  17. straightcandy says:

    hijoles mijas .. deben hecharle algo de creatividad a ese baile o si no es obvio ke no saben bailar.. this music is good just the girls dancing totally kill it

  18. AnaKarmen95 says:

    mmm datz a gud mixx i try to find dis Trival mixx but i cant find it.Does Somebdy knw it??

  19. LilJason713 says:

    this go hard in the paint son

  20. antrax24655 says:

    badass shuffle

  21. 14ogarcia says:

    haha i quess shuffling does look cool with Tribal “D

  22. kitty22605 says:

    i have the song i have a downloaded app that can make it into audio only so im going to do that its so easy but you can just tell me i talk spanish so dont worry 😀

  23. crz666 says:


  24. TRIGRILLO3 says:


  25. jonasbrothers433 says:

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvve this song :]