Had some free time so decided to make this. Hope it helps you guys. running man: 00:06-1:13 v-step: 1:14-2:04 v-step variation: 2:05-2:54 kicks: 2:55-3:34 transitioning: 3:35-4:30 spins: 4:31-5:48 songs: 1) Make Her Say-Afrojack Remix (00:01-4:20) 2) Kata-Willy Baily and Punk Rolla (4:21-5:48)
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25 Responses to “Shuffle Tutorial”

  1. ShaaDine says:

    Great tutorial dude I think i actually learned from this one

  2. YourOwnFreestyle says:

    Awsome tutorial about shuffling.


  3. Wargamer008 says:

    Yup all these tutorials are good. All i do is rave/shuffle/jumpstyle/hardstyle. Glad to see others do it too. Nice tut

  4. triple965 says:

    LOL opposite reject

  5. zeroawsome24 says:

    i do know that im just asking anyone if they also know that LMFAO does the same shuffle so dont’t jump to the wrong conclusion on my comment k?

  6. lifesaprize says:

    i fell on my face

  7. Primesupreme200 says:

    thanks alot ^^ it’s one of best tutorial i’ve ever seen btw awesome spins^^ i should practice this often^^

  8. rodrigogigo says:

    this was way before LMFAO came out, and LMFAO’s shuffle is the exact same routine every time which involves no creativity. I’m just teaching basic steps which people can use in any order they want. Because trying to find a decent video out there trying to learn by yourself is a pain, i would know hahaha

  9. zeroawsome24 says:

    its the same basic steps when you learn Lmfao’s shuffle its all the same to me

  10. zeroawsome24 says:

    Lmfao shuffle anyone?

  11. rodrigogigo says:

    i got used to it 😀

  12. LiquidStrangersRules says:

    don’t you get dizzy after spinning?

  13. T3cHnO1A says:

    Great TuT dude Helps allooottt 😀

  14. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where i teach some lil kids to shuffle LOL

  15. rodrigogigo says:

    its cool, just wanna help those out who wanna shuffle 🙂

  16. X69INSTYLE69X says:

    nice tut and sorry i havent see it the last time i checked your videos

  17. Every1knowsPOPS says:

    hey i been trying to do the running man but just 1 step i cant get it do u have any tips or something?

  18. sandyyvazquezz says:

    Your video is amazing bro !!

  19. rodrigogigo says:

    its now been like a year i think

  20. armandolopez5 says:

    How long have u been shuffling if i may ask……?

  21. armandolopez5 says:

    Ur spins are tight dude haha

  22. rodrigogigo says:

    thnx man
    and hardstyle is 2 step, but there r variations that could be 1 step. but original shuffling and malaysian is 2 step

  23. BeBeguy30 says:

    sweet shoes man. i like em.
    is hardstyle 1 step or 2 step? cus they either go really fast with 2 step that it looks like 1 step..?

  24. davidw17 says:

    hey thanks again ill be trying that, thanks again for the video, really helpful.

  25. rodrigogigo says:

    not for me, i just do what ever comes to me at the time. over time u will see what u r more comfortable with and what u will just lean towards doing after practicing i think