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Shuffle Tutorial 2 | By BigMilan: Please visit BigMilan here: "Recorded this months ago with Miki and Misha; at the same time as the melbourne shuffle. I was lasy for ages, but here it is finaly, all edited and whatever. It's shorted than the shuffle because there's no switching or anything - just continuous "running". I know a lot of you are eager to learn the running man, but I have a special place in my heart for the shuffle 😀 which is why I put that vid up first. Well, enjoy and practice lots and lots!" Brought to you by! is the a new website/community built around all kinds of dancestyles. Come visit us! We have tutorials for C-walk, Krump, Tecktonik, Melbourne Shuffle, Tekstyle, Jumpstyle, and many more on our forums!!
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OLD !! Happy New Year !! Melbourne Shuffle :D

OLD but I liked it soo it's going up 😀 Happy new year all of my friends...Hope too help more people in the future 😀 Hardstyle forever !! 😀

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  1. magesindit says:

    Sick moves ,bro!  Thanks a lot!:)

  2. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my page! 🙂

  3. crazylazy1212 says:

    Hi, i have a question, i’m just beginning to shuffle and i notice that you said to have your feet flat on the ground. I was wondering if it standing on my toes is bad posture or having my feet flat on the ground is optional because i have a hard time keeping my feet flat when i do the running man.

  4. mumafiedmustangs says:

    I am going to shuffle EVERYWHERE NOW!

  5. BeastestXxX193 says:

    This is a good tutorial

  6. nissanzenkiboy says:

    So you slide when going fast ? Only one hop;

  7. TheReFLexZone says:

    @TheGriffoe idk why he was going on about a hop, because when your doing it fast you just slide your foot.

  8. MegaAlienx says:

    @TheGriffoe its to look like your slideing but its hopping its a illusion
    of the running man remember hopping to look like if it was slideing
    hope this help….

  9. TheGriffoe says:


  10. NathansRsPk says:

    how long has he been shufflin?

  11. killzone1692 says:

    I wanna take the sounds from your shoes and make a beat with it.

  12. Shift Shift Shift Sqeak Sqeeekkk Shuffle Shuffle Shufffle Jeez thats all i can concentrate on 😛

  13. @Ace7963 Ah Alri man thanks

  14. @MW2Crank Its all technically shuffling, but the style came from the part you saw in the first tutorial. Shuffling is the dance of deception and the running man along with some other dances fit into it.

  15. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where i teach some lil kids to shuffle LOL

  16. katsoudas1998 says:

    do it wrong and it wears out ur shoes XD

  17. chocoolatey says:

    @SNPCeltic Hey man just keep practicing it takes time and patience to get this, it also takes skill but u can eventually get it :) don’t give up and it has taken me about 2 months until i saw a lot more improvement, keep practicing and make sure your body is loosened up before u do this, try some warmups always,
    i hope this helped thank u and byye, u can check out my video in shuffling and tell me what u think about it it is on my channel 😀

  18. 3:11 ‘It’s simpler than the shuffle because both feet do the same thing’ What does he mean, I thought I was learning the shuffle running man.. :L

  19. PsychoFreaky says:

    must be a ninja to shuffle without making it sound bad, even i cant do it…
    its a great tutorial afterall ;D

  20. @PsychoFreaky
    if you can shuffle without making it sound bad be my guest but im sure thats why people put the audio over the video so you cant hear the feet seeing how friction does exist in this universe.

  21. PsychoFreaky says:

    when u dance, it shounds like a carpenter at work

  22. thumps up if you didn’t walk after you saw this xD

  23. @Didi1890
    isn´t that the same thing??
    that´s exactly the same thing in my opinion

  24. i try and learn, but i think my legs are stiff from the other hardstyle dance styles. jump, star, etc.

  25. brayantlvda says:

    @HardstyleHurricane  thanks man

  26. HardstyleHurricane says:

    @brayantlvda I put in the songs for my other video :/ Fail….
    Here 😛 Some are from a big mix :/
    1-The best Hardstyle mix off october 2011
    2-Wasted Penguinz – Anxiety (Defqon.1 2011 Edit)

  27. HardstyleHurricane says:

    @brayantlvda No problem man 😀
    1-Skyplanet – Paralyzed Mind (Pilze’s Brain Freeze Remix)
    2-REVERZE ANTHEM 2009 – D-block & S-te-fan vs. Coone – Creation of Life
    3-Project One – Rate Reducer (Headhunterz remix)
    Subscribe 😀

  28. brayantlvda says:

    Nice !!! ^^ Plz Song Name!!

  29. HardstyleHurricane says:

    @StiffysDen Subbed back !! :D Check my new vid 😛 Comment !! 😀

  30. StiffysDen says:

    Subbed :)

  31. HardstyleHurricane says:

    @IShuffleIOribitalzI Subbed back :P

  32. HardstyleHurricane says:

    @StiffysDen Thanks man, means alot 😀

  33. IShuffleIOribitalzI says:

    you got my sub!

  34. StiffysDen says:

    You should be more famous than 15 views.

  35. HardstyleHurricane says:

    Just trying a new style 😛