Shuffle Tutorial 4 | By BigMilan: Please visit BigMilan here: "This is a video of the basic kicks for the melbourne shuffle ...
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25 Responses to “Shuffle Tutorial 4 | By BigMilan |”

  1. I loled at the slo-mo voice

  2. MrCrazy01111 says:

    Dinosaur-slow-mo xD

  3. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my page! 🙂

  4. GLCDragons says:

    you made me think I was on drugs during this video lol.

  5. Couldn’t help but laugh at all the slow motion voice parts >.<

  6. robert24creAtive says:

    great tut

  7. AnythingButHuman says:

    Check out where i teach some lil kids to shuffle LOL

  8. katsoudas1998 says:

    DARTH VADER!!!!!

  9. Jackeline Morales says:

    0:40 LOL!!!!!!!!!

  10. what shoes would u recommend and the bottom of the shoes, flat or rough or whatever ?

  11. Giftedangelboii92 says:

    Yikes….slow motion voice….lol

  12. lalalah32123 says:

    what u say from 2:51 to 2:57 is da opposite…..
    it seems easier at 1st dan doin it 😀

  13. ForgottenRoar says:

    what shoes do you useee!?

  14. wow… ive been shuffling for 9 months and i still learnt something from this…

  15. Llama owaffle says:

    woooh tired

  16. mondayfilmers says:

    trippy! 😮

  17. Nitr0usIII says:

    I just fell doing this! 😀 ..ouch

  18. gabe hernandez says:

    sweet dude

  19. SleepwalkerGM says:

    im practicing right on!

  20. i was laughing so hard when i heared slow motion voice loool!

  21. revengethirst says:

    sloooowmoootiooon…… i could’nt stop laughing… lol … you’re good at making tutorials…

  22. hahahaha….brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  23. TheFattyNinja says:

    this is awesome thx for the vids

  24. Darie Puica says:

    lol i have those shoes XD

  25. teothedemon says:

    can you make a tut on
    cause glide is the hardest i have tried!!
    and spin is hard to keep balance or know where to stick your feet!!