this covers basic moves, running man/melbourne T and glide (vote for me)

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  1. Hardstylezthebest says:

    @lolis11222 hes not even wearing anything slidy, 😮 maybe his feet are buttered or something

  2. lolis11222 says:

    that running man looks nice…
    Notice:Ill never learn it D:

  3. @teothedemon same

  4. thx man!~

  5. ICanSee045 says:

    Why does this nigga have that hat on? LMAO.

  6. mouse9111 says:

    0:14 KITYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. oGautsche says:

    you explained the glide perfectly. never could get it untill i watched this tut

  8. MstrAnimator189 says:

    best shuffle tut, most useful for a beginner like me. thanks a ton man

  9. dianaroxs007 says:

    Santa hat wooo! xD

  10. nice santa hat faggot

  11. oliviasalazar says:

    @teothedemon same here haha

  12. Germanmodernwarfare says:

    Awesome kitty

  13. BobbyLockerz says:

    Bonus something. Focus on 1 part of the the wall n stare at it while u do the running man. Try 2 tighten up but not too much. Hope it helped.

  14. TheSuperRacist says:

    i can only do shuffle and t stomp but i will fall abit.( imba ) Shuffling + glide is super hard my floor in house has lots of friction so its like very hard to push back my back foot then i will fall ):

  15. RojoDiablo1 says:

    cute cat man:)

  16. BonusQuodMalum says:

    i have a problem, when i do the running man, the upper half of my body movie too much, is there anyway to kind of stop that?


    i love ur hat…..!

  18. Lol…ur ugly!
    And thts not how u t step

  19. aniamanga117 says:

    lol thanks gliding was difficult until i saw this

  20. swweeeeetttt got mine down now thkx

  21. cheerios15lol says:

    thanks on the glides 😀

    i saw a cat in the background o:

  22. jameztrekd says:

    its teh T-step xD anyway… nice vid, ty i needed help on glides

  23. JuiceTinLol says:

    shut the fuck up.

  24. krispykrips says:

    get a hair cut…i can see why you wore that hat…

  25. teothedemon its just to train more and you will learn to do it faste. Take like 20 min everyday and spam the basics, Thanks for a really nice vid btw 🙂