Just a shuffling tutorial from me. sorry its a bit long): I apologize of you came looking for how to do t stepping or the running man. there plenty of good t...
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This Video will teach you how to dance techno. It explains step by step so it makes it easier for you to learn, enjoy! Name of the song: Jumping and Pumping ...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Shuffle Tutorial: Intermediate and Advanced”

  1. Shilo Oxlade says:

    Thanks for the upload! It definitely helped with my spinning! The way i was doing it before was harder and sort of awkward :/ I must ask though… How many times has your mother/ father told you off for holes in the bottom of your shoes and socks?

  2. Thanks m8 for the tips.

  3. tj jackson says:

    All ya want me to UNLEASH THE DRAGON!!!!!!!

  4. Redominus Red says:

    If I Was in third person, I could shuffle better!

  5. EternalShfl says:

    The first kick you show is called a pendulum kick.

  6. Redominus Red says:

    Thanks XD I learned Too ^_^

  7. 420RaverRasta says:

    hahaha people like you make me laugh

  8. soulfighter16 says:

    Thanks bro really helpful subbed and keep up the good work!

  9. nice! you are pretty good! really good tips! much appreciated.
    tip: ignore haters (haters come around when youre doing something right)

  10. MrDangled says:

    I dont understand why anyone would thumbs down this tutorial, i learned so much from this video and its helped me out a lot.

  11. Seriously dude, you look like every other shuffler out there. Same exact style

  12. EveryStylez says:

    Thank you for the tutorial and the time that you put in it bro. Will help me much

  13. Avery Callaghan says:

    Thanks for the tutorial man!
    I have only been shuffling for 5 months so this will help me a lot!
    STE | ShiverZ

  14. FFSilostmycookie says:

    im confused xD alot of people add some jumpstyle to there shuffle ;p

  15. But hey, everyone’s got their own style. Dance to express, not to impress.

  16. Yea, you kind of look like ur trying to do jumpstyle.

  17. FFSilostmycookie says:

    I’d like you to tell me what you wanted to see in this tutorial? oh yeah you want me to show everyone how to do the style that you do and are completley unoriginal for. seriously your style fucking blows to me because of how unoriginal it is. all Im telling people is is a few tricks and to BE ORIGINAL come up with your own stuff.. and just have fun! its what shuffling is about. your obviously one of those kids who are ruining the shuffle community because seriously im just trying to teach people

  18. FFSilostmycookie says:

    I’m just sharing what i know. First tutorial man so chill the fuck out… and honestly i think you do it bad so fuck off cunt

  19. Austin Warren says:

    lol dick move putting card shuffling videos next to this one

  20. Saori san says:

    Epic tutorial takns man <3

  21. HardstyleLivesOn says:

    Awesome tutorial man 🙂 think I know most of this already xD but makes me think more about me needing to add some stuff to my style 🙂 thanks man;) HBP|EARTH|PHS Makko

  22. FFSilostmycookie says:

    no problem man! 😀

  23. TheManga444 says:

    Dude thx for the spin tips!!!!,

  24. Danny Gomez says:

    Great tutorial. Also, please let me know when HBP tryouts are open, I want to tryout extra hard for that crew.

  25. JohnstonB13 says:

    At 0:48 it looks like its kind of glitching out, that looked sick.

  26. MASTERCHIEF2434 says:

    Retard thats shuffling not techno

  27. lazaros zissis says:

    Thanks :)

  28. Juanito x says:

    Many people confuse Shuffle with Techno in America, so that’s why many videos say Techno instead of Shuffle when it really is Shuffle.
    But in reality this dance is more popular by the name of “TECHNO.”

    Shuffle = (lower body) Slides
    Techno = ( upper body) twisting, only moving hands, butt, and legs but no sliding.

  29. lazaros zissis says:

    Hey, can you tell me what the differene is between shuffle and techno dancing? They look so similar to me…

    ty in advance

  30. Rhys Davies says:

    I have those shoes! Just sayin’

  31. darkslayer1000000 says:


  32. camposmayra1 says:

    nice ¡

  33. MsTechnolion says:

    POSER!!! 4:55 ^^

  34. murloc1338 says:

    thats shuffling not techno dance -.-‘

  35. TheAlexy2011 says:

    Wonderful video….thanks man for uploading this useful video and for the 1 who was dancing :P

  36. IronForMaidenLove says:

    thank u 😀

  37. Chris Haro says:

    this music is sick shit bro love the video!!

  38. Chris Horn says:

    omg low that’s shuffle with running man….but your running man is a shit!

  39. Eduardo Garza says:

    Wow great vid man

  40. carolinevestskogen says:

    its shuffle?;)

  41. You Really Good At It ! 🙂

  42. go play with your friends! they are waiting

  43. and that other dance at 2:47 is called C-walk its dont to hiphop..

  44. vriesdemarcel says:

    this is called melbourne shuffle, you do this on hardstyle not techno

    /watch?v=8k5WtNRlBcE for a nice compilation

  45. Thankyou! :)

  46. i like your Clothes 🙂 😀

  47. There are many versions of this song, it’s called JUMPING AND PUMPING by DJ ROXX, but this is a similar version I used.
    check my description!
    thanks for the comment!

  48. javiergp912 says:

    wats da songs name? btw kool moves

  49. Juanito x says:

    learn how to dance