well i hope this vid helps you for ur needs of knowladge, if anyone has any questions feel free to tell me. pls subscrib!
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25 Responses to “shuffle tutorial of hardstyle”

  1. jason frans says:

    🙂 hahaha , kidding…..

  2. DogadkinD says:

    hahaha its not what are you thinkin about!! )))

  3. jason frans says:

    THANK YOU , For the tutorial!!!

  4. jason frans says:

    WITHOUT PANTS !!!!!!????

  5. lim checheung says:

    earthquake O.O

  6. JEY RIVERA says:


  7. Billy Walsh says:

    Any tips for doing 2 hops on the running man? Ionly do 1 🙁 and it makes it look real lame

  8. CommunistSpyware says:

    ninjastyle much

  9. DogadkinD says:

    wish to see this tutorial without pants

  10. you make me think of angerfist…….o.o but awsome shuffleing it heloped me and my gang alot 😛

  11. oHaiPussies says:


  12. xGamingKing says:

    Hey man great video! Great way to show us how to do this i would reccomend this to anyone that needs to learn. I sure did improve alot! Great work! 😉

  13. pandamanrox says:

    do a full speed video put it in slowmo that wud be a major help to me so i can see it in action but slowed down so i can see hows its done

  14. JujaiJujai says:

    LOL you slept at 1:51 ?? XD

  15. monkey4526 says:

    Lawls to the ending. Have you never used windows movie maker?

  16. Qillstack says:

    Hardstyle is the music. Melbourne is the dance 🙂

  17. yeyemoxxa says:

    jajajaj niceee….very nice

  18. IWolfGod says:

    2:35 EPIC NICE! 😀

  19. AndikaDikaWattafakk says:

    masks?? why ? :DDD

  20. LoveDestiny100 says:

    where do you buy those masks?

  21. DjVat0L0c0 says:

    How can i dowload thisz video.??

  22. 01DaBoss says:

    Songs plz

  23. 20skullkid says:

    one is like gliding the others stomping

  24. varyproshot says:

    lol dude i used to get confused with melb n hard! melb is the dance rite? rite… n hardstyle isnt a dance.its a genre of music! so pple should say i dance to hardstyle not i do hardstyle! lol just givin u sum info not tryin to mk u look bad! nice vid tho, keep hardstyle alive!

  25. YumMyChOcOlAtEcAiK says:

    LOLZ what song?