Songlist will be released after 100k views ­čśë haha ENJOY ­čÖé sorry so long hahaha

24 Responses to “Shuffle with the Criminals”

  1. kaleb bagby says:

    fox´╗┐ tails are awsome XP

  2. WGERE CAN GAVE ME THE 5:32 Sorry dont know THE´╗┐ REAL NAME SOMGS???????OR ULR???

  3. BaByCc091 says:

    obsessed with HDC. my mum says all shufflers do is stop´╗┐ there feet around and i said its harder than it looks :/ i love you guys

  4. XBleedMeteoraX says:

    Wish I´╗┐ had friends…. Or at least someone. To shuffle with…..

  5. TheEngennier says:

    7:29´╗┐ till 9:14 is “Tinnitus Dj Team – Tinnitus”

  6. ipownsomenoobs says:

    and the way he shuffles´╗┐ just seems so… choppy and systematic

  7. ipownsomenoobs says:

    tell soel to stop looking at his´╗┐ feet

  8. SpeedyXonAir says:

    You guys are just awesome =) keep going, HDC

    PS: Turtle, next time you´╗┐ keep your shoes on ya feed, ok? ­čśë

  9. ilyaXshuffler says:

    and i tought you going to do troll´╗┐ stuff now.

  10. ernstism says:

    No´╗┐ I find this redicilous.
    But if you guys have fun… Go do it and I hope you enjoy it:)

  11. Jubzen123 says:

    Turtle, why´╗┐ are you so good ? ph btw. can i join HDC ?

  12. Jubzen123 says:

    Song name at 8:25 ? anyone know’s ?´╗┐

  13. lucatropeano92 says:

    fantastic´╗┐ fail turtle

  14. ilyaXshuffler says:

    Funny like you´╗┐ can better.

  15. ernstism says:

    This is by far the most ridicilous thing i’ve ever´╗┐ seenO.O
    You ok guys?

  16. AnonymousNivek2012 says:

    song @ 5:32= battle 2´╗┐ the end- headhunterz

  17. TheStef9998 says:

    Song´╗┐ at 9:55 ???

  18. VenomShuffler says:

    5:28 battle 2 the end -´╗┐ HeadHunterz

  19. SamFisherFG says:

    Battle 2 the end–´╗┐ Headhunterz

  20. VenomShuffler says:

    OMG all so pros =O , zombeats its fucking awesome , what is his chanel ? and turtle? please i need to know how is the song of 5:28 !!! pleaseee
    sorry for my bad´╗┐ english! =D
    [HR] // Venom

  21. SamFisherFG says:

    the song before was dj tinnitus- tinnitus´╗┐

  22. SamFisherFG says:

    Dj´╗┐ Tinnitus- Tinnitus

  23. SamFisherFG says:

    they just couldnt be bothered its not a big´╗┐ deal

  24. ilyaXshuffler says:

    I´╗┐ love how zombiebeats like freezes himself in the shuffle it gives me munchis lol