YouTube removed the original version. Go figure. Help this video get back to the 53000 views it had! Also, this is not Nikky Skater. It's Myriam Damphousse. Nice try. Word.

24 Responses to “Shuffle x3”

  1. eyecicles9 says:

    someones going to need so new shoes after this

  2. ToNyToNy141 says:

    …and then kitchen xD

  3. iidaiiziitaah says:

    WOOOO baaiiLaaz xiidDoo cHaavas

  4. MyNeverEndingDream says:

    O.o, it looks like the floor is made of ice, so great =D

  5. MARCO995CLS says:

    me encanta szu peinado

  6. mentalsmithy1 says:

    this is minted !!!!!!!!

  7. TheClemo18 says:

    tuneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is fuckinggggggg unreal and good shuffling very good

  8. hellcatsofsanders says:

    i like ur tight pants mmaybe we can loseing the

  9. DomLo88 says:

    Not bad not bad me likey

  10. DickArmy71 says:

    Fuck me…

  11. clipbrowser says:

    what a hot asian girl

  12. kairaw16 says:


  13. ChocolatesushiTOGO says:

    i find it way more awesome that shes in the ghetto 😉

  14. MoNk3yiNfeCtiON8 says:

    i bet you can shuffle all the way to your house xD

  15. NicoleCutieCovers says:

    You are randomly epic. Insane like. xD

  16. joesmith64 says:

    its kinda funny how every girl that shuffles has a nice body and legs because its pretty much impossible for a 200 lbs girl to be moving that quickly and smoothly.

  17. cookiemonster1012256 says:

    omg you r sooo good at the shuffle

  18. MrOldSchoolPvp says:

    whats the name of the song?

  19. nroakthb says:

    that girl is HOT !

  20. XxXEMOXxXlife1 says:

    wat song is this?

  21. TheMaxPal says:

    Awsome girl! : )

  22. XxXEMOXxXlife1 says:

    omg that was the best shuffleling iv eva seen PLZZZ TEACH ME.

  23. Casey3390TV says:

    TEACH ME O.O!!

  24. pandas1123 says:

    heey there buddy 🙂 wanna teach me 😀