7 groups join this comp... champions HMC 1st runnerup FUNKA FACTION 2nd runnerupSTONEDGE judges Amirul and Speedodevo djs apekwhuut and davex
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Singapore Street Shuffle

*WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY* S'pore Street Shuffle on 14/12/08. *Videos uploaded and simple edit by Surah **There is NO battling scence ***Some of the pictures and videos is courtesy of Ayie and Yifan ****Sorry guys if ur not featured:( *****CREWS/TEAM _E.MO , HOT , HSRevanants , HFS , HM , SDF ,HSRockers , HTS , THA ...n loads ... here is the list of song in order 🙂 sorry for the late reply everyone.. Showtek-Hold Us Back Bass Agents-Bass Control Ganjaguru-Overload Katy Perry-Hot and Cold Showtek-Raver
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Shuffles Competition Maison 2009”

  1. bladeshreder007 says:


  2. NewHardStyle100 says:

    Funka faction esta chido agan mas video llo los miro todo en tienpo comenten en Facebook nene nitro

  3. XtremeGamingPorkchop says:

    OMFG i knew it Funka Faction And of course there gonna win

  4. DASLAYBELZ says:

    Dj Slideout – Bloody Pimp 0:00
    Showtek – Hold us back 1:01
    Noise Machine – Out Of Range (Part 1 & 2) 1:59
    East Clubber – Russian 3:08
    Noise Provider – Bits & Bytes 4:05
    Kamui - Cheers 6:08


    5 – Noise Provider – Bits & Bytes

  6. arlugino says:

    yeah!! FTW!!

  7. edgarleon2 says:

    check out my shuffling video called Escape from Wonderland Presents Hardstyle in Wonderland, and Shuffle town. by clicking on the link in blue below called edgarleon2, and check me out on my shuffling/hardstyle/dubstep/da­nce page and post your dance, shuffling videos for reviews and tips on getting better on shuffling.

  8. Mabinogeek says:

    HAH! and finish with some tektonik. so great

  9. DjPulseK says:

    Frekaing A man, the last two teams raped.

  10. No 3 power tektonik and dance !

  11. iiLuvesMifamilia says:

    are they all asian???

  12. KriTofer8141 says:


  13. JaredRPaddock says:

    This is all so good!
    I love group shuffle choreo like these guys all do!

  14. mrstevey1232 says:

    no emotion or anything…. >.<.... same routine everytime time, nothing is new in it.... bored!!!

  15. hardstyle455 says:


  16. CrutialProductions says:

    Thumbs up if you had a smile when you watched this 😀

  17. Ploppaupop says:

    Are you stupid? Then you’ve never seen real shuffle

  18. 2Boobie4 says:

    amazing 😮

  19. invadergrr420 says:

    still… i thin itd be awesum n if u could incorperate breaking n popnlocking with harsstyle..itd be the best dance group ever!!!

  20. KayZeeFx says:

    damn i need those last two songs aswell 🙁

  21. hardstyleknocker says:

    that loooks soooo coool from above

  22. Karabazik says:


  23. hahahaha!

  24. WorstCommenter2008 says:

    Everyone who actually pays attention to the video can tell that though.

  25. MrRetardedScientist says:

    And I’m not surprise as the COMMENT I got is coming from an anime lover .

  26. MrRetardedScientist says:

    Stating facts = SORE , DUMBASS and NO LIFE , thanks , now i know what kids nowadays thinking :B

  27. MrRetardedScientist says:

    How am I being a SORE , DUMBASS , NO LIFE ? You’re like 10 or something ? Aww sad for ya … The way you talk make you more like a dumbass …

  28. MrBlackClonez says:

    how you get phhatt pants??

  29. Sasuke98764 says:

    Sial nice =D

  30. DJEctasyX says:

    when is the next shuffle meetup? 😀

  31. doomvictorer says:

    Anyone pls i begging where to buy phat pants in singapore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. justforexperience says:

    why does LMFAO appear on the right? they suck at shuffling

  33. bangladash123456789 says:

    where do you buy the phat pants??

  34. Hersheychocolate567 says:

    Song @ 0:58?

  35. XheadshotyouX16 says:

    you suck at dancing life.. you dont even have any video! billionaire? i bet you and zero no air you shit face.. and you create a friggin youtube account for what? to cmment shit?? all you do is commenting shit on someones video huh?? what would you feel if i say.. indonesia dance all suck.. like shit.. face ugly.. do you like it? no rite? so stop judging singapore or ill judge indonesia… and again.. YOU suck

  36. Shuffle Battle?

  37. HSRepublicShuffle says:

    Anybody wana join HSR only singaporeans..age doesnt matter… Email me at HSRepublicShuffle@gmail.com

  38. Whr you buy the PHD hoodies from?

  39. mhcampboy says:

    you guys must have lots of shoes to spare… wouldnt it spoil the soles? 😛

  40. zDJStarr says:

    You can shuffle? Cannot then shut the fuck up.

  41. mrnolife11 says:

    yea n its comfortable to do this in singapore u know we learn things from each other n make mistakes as well but well theres the fun in it

  42. mrnolife11 says:

    girl suffler rite there aint bad better than some of the guys

  43. okie dokes!

  44. SimpleDesire95 says:

    Wow really? I sub’d and added you as a friend. Im Singaporean too 🙂

  45. cos that’s me shuffling. LOL 😀

  46. SimpleDesire95 says:

    Why haha.

  47. shotingstars says:

    haha ;D no prob

  48. OMG, you so made my day. LOL (: even if this comment is 1 year ago lol

  49. you made my day (: lol