Shufflin' in Dance Class

Freestyle starts at 1:10. This was done in a single take, just messing around in my morning modern dance class. Full tutorial coming soon~

This is very very very Old people so DONT HATE! this is when i first started lol:D
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49 Responses to “Shufflin’ in Dance Class”

  1. mcsnoozeburger says:

    What’s the song?

  2. BLGspark says:

    this is one example how LMFAO fucked up Hardstyle Shuffling kids just search Newcastle Rockers or Nightfall shuffle that’s how shuffling done

  3. Beslanamith says:


  4. bellaswan285642 says:

    he makes it look so easy but it is so hard

  5. HoNisBULLSHIT says:

    Legit legit legit. That girl likes your dancing.
    Oh and dude below me, fuck hardstyle.

  6. theboomdeath911 says:

    hardstyle nuff said

  7. MrBART024 says:

    I do Shuffle.. And i do C-Walk.. That step is more normal on c walk, it is called “Wiggle Walk”, hope u can found it :3 Its easy, but C-Walk!! (C-Walk Wiggle walk) d(^-^d)

  8. CrutialProductions says:

    Damn that girl couldn’t stop watching you. lol Nice moves like your style 5/5

  9. LIENEI2324 says:

    try searching the spongebob dance and thats what i think your sayin

  10. XcludedJumpen says:

    great shuffling! but it just isn’t cali-style :/

  11. Prototype136 says:

    you’re great at shuffling, best at it so far i’ve seen
    just that your tuts, they arent matchin up to the standard of your shuffles
    remember, no ducks, and keep at the angles!
    other than that, you’re pretty slick and wicked at shufflin.


  12. Prototype136 says:

    hello dude! the move you’re referring to is most probably nicked, the ‘spongebob’. the charleston is like the electro shuffle, or should i say it kinda is lol

  13. ponky011 says:

    Lol, the girl at the back, trying to make the steps.

  14. CaityBabe1100 says:

    i love your shuffling…..and ur cutee 😛

  15. Dude, your the best ive seen(on youtube) hahah soo fuckin smoothe

  16. justizz14 says:

    thanks for the support! yes i know which move youre referring to, dont know the name tho. its exactly as you said- the free foot lands on the side of your floor foot rather than in front or behind it. try to think about how your feet are configured when both feet touch the ground: in the normal charleston your feet should be making a > or < than kind of shape, but in this one its more of a V shape. try to practice touching your heels together each time you hit the ground. hope this helps homie!

  17. chrisblack6demon says:

    you are amazing !!!

  18. Tan Roy says:

    Hey man I really like your style and groove. Just wondering while you were explaining the Charleston, at around 0:44 you do this move that looks like the charleston but your feet that is free does not go to the front or the back and it looks like they’re just separating. What is that called? Do you know any tutorials for that? It’s weird because I learnt a move that looks harder than this in the lmfao – party rock anthem video easily by the robot dude in gold but I can’t grasp this at all =(.

  19. rip0ff421 says:

    1:20 girl in the background finally realizes her attempts to copy your ultimate shuffling is being caught on tape. haha

  20. doodilikechicken says:

    ugh this isn’t cali style. 

  21. Jokarley says:

    Your too COOL… Me too i shuffle but im a beginner XD

  22. lipshuffler says:

    nice one, at last good charleston tutorial!

  23. ScubaStevesStuff says:

    Finally someone from cali i don’t regret watching

  24. frosticle808911 says:

    Simply beautiful, smooth and secksy.

  25. olliebooi says:

    ja faktiskt

  26. treasurehunter83 says:

    its nice

  27. MultiMeeka123 says:

    man i love that awesome!!! <3

  28. MultiMeeka123 says:

    whats the music called?

  29. XxLuckyCatzxX says:

    Nice cat:)

  30. Adrian Munoz says:

    Cute -3

  31. nadq slavova says:

    qkooo e

  32. TheCELESTE132 says:

    she is really Good

  33. IPodCocaCola says:

    Cool Cat in the background

  34. klassykaythug says:

    This was when melbourne was cool (‘:

  35. Thomas Wadim says:

    very good!! nice song 🙂

  36. natasharoanhorse says:

    She’z hot and god damn! She can shuffle

  37. angelica analco says:

    sick awesome

  38. Swag01Fresh says:

    doesnt look like krystalized

  39. ScoJumper says:

    the dog 😉

  40. RoDriHiT4z0s says:

    I can not hate you are very cute and your dancing is cool

  41. DrMythology says:

    i see what u did there 😀

  42. DrMythology says:

    whats the name of the song please me gusta .. btw your dancing is HOT nice work

  43. jblyhiss says:

    ur realy good at shuffleing u should teach me lol iv’e also been learning myself

  44. trainerpkmon says:

    Hermosisima me encanto cmo bailastee

  45. xXSTARSMARZXx says:

    FUCK HATERS!!!!!! Btw ur good at this teach us?

  46. Honeyboneyxx says:

    fuck off she tried you dick wad

  47. TheVesta1999 says:


  48. oneoneonedirection says:

    you still suck

  49. boszanac says:

    Damn, a few years ago I was listening this music, but forgot it..thanks!