Just having some fun and playing around!
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10 Responses to “Shuffling at School”

  1. Joselin Mojica says:

    Great but its almost like Melbourne shuffling don’t u think???

  2. Alvaro Machado says:

    the name of the song??

  3. diego matias vasquez zuloaga says:

    As the song is called?

  4. Issa mixja naqa tecktonik bidejk u ssir legend! 😀

  5. nice dean gj robert cassar jien 🙂

  6. DaAklshow says:

    Nice broo 😉

  7. jeanclaudeaber says:

    Shuffle Bro ! ^^

  8. Dean Henry says:


  9. Dean Henry says:

    Thanks! 🙂
    I was just having some fun to some music. ^^

  10. Francesco Toccafondi says: