Shuffling Competition SHFL @ Hunter Valley Brewery (HVB) Maitland feat. DJs Dexi BeXta Soul-T and Newcastle Rockers track id: DJ Stardust - Stompin Jack Flash (Technoboy remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Shuffling Competition and Newcastle Rockers Show – SHFL @ HVB Maitland”

  1. CrutialProductions says:

    @SyThco13  Okay?

  2. SyThco13 says:

    @CrutialProductions Shut up bro, you dont know shit! Seattle being the Hardstyle capital of the U.S they have plenty of raves like this and more, and thats just Seattle so look your shit up then speak

  3. CrutialProductions says:

    you will never find a rave like this in America because its America.

  4. SyThco13 says:

    I wanna go there and compete!!! Men and my buds would bomb that place! Epic fun!!! I love the Hardstyle culture 🙂

  5. AshleighConlonxx says:


  6. usoondie says:

    I’m in love with that move at 1:39 LIKE FORREAL.

  7. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    @Slash1234678 what? lol i cant find the beging of our convacation

  8. d353cr4ti0n says:

    @SNUSNU4U raspect bredgen substitution…. its the best quitting method good on ya man

  9. thizzin909 says:


  10. Slash1234678 says:

    @Shuffling69Israeli at 0:37 the guy wearing white shoes has them, (pants) and same at 1:07 there is a logo on his right leg towards the top, and on the left down the bottom. Dickies are heavy cargo pants mostly used for work related things :).

  11. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    @Slash1234678 whats dicikies? lol

  12. Slash1234678 says:

    ive never seen someone master shuffling with dickies, im amazed.

  13. iMastershufflei says:

    The Music?

  14. MichaelXl2 says:

    @arcticrhinoturd hmmm. if you mean the first 2 who shuffle on the right. i believe those are known as nike sb “chun li’s” as in the girl from Street Fighter i believe. go check it out bro(:

  15. chantal1235 says:

    great music & video really enjoyed … wow you kids are such cool dancers.

  16. arcticrhinoturd says:

    anyone know what those blue shoes are? I’m dying to know. I can only tell that there Nikes.

  17. dufusboy93 says:

    Josh always has the funky shoes 😀

  18. fritzboxwlan2 says:

    @4MUFFiN20 It is in the Description 🙂

  19. DdyDelta says:

    @problematique38 Yes.

  20. Denito23 says:

    these guys are and girls are the best ive seen

  21. deanc2725 says:


  22. 4MUFFiN20 says:

    Can someone send me tracklist?

  23. britt840 says:

    Thtz fuckinn sikkk!!! I wanna go! Haha

  24. Also great to see no fat pants