The Malta Street Shufflers visit 89.7 Bay - Malta for a little educational visit! We were asked to give a little surprise to Dj. Drew on the Bay Breakfast Show by Dj. Ben Glover. So we went in, gave him a little fright, and we thought him how to shuffle! Special Thanks to 89.7 Bay - Malta's Number One Station for giving us permission to upload this video taken in their studio, and for giving us such a fun opportunity and experience! Shufflers: Dean Henry and Jean Claude Aber Filmer and Editor: Steve Zammit Lupi Thanks for watching, don't forget to like, subscribe for future videos and share with your friends ­čÖé Follow us and 89.7 Bay on facebook! Keep Shuffling!

Mikki Winner of SHFL Australian Shuffler 2009
Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 Responses to “Shuffling on Air – 89.7 Bay Radio”

  1. GamersmoviesNL says:

    fat robot!´╗┐


    Keep on shuffling ;)´╗┐

  3. KeepThemTogether says:

    Amazing <3 ´╗┐

  4. Tirredness says:

    you guys are simply AWESOME´╗┐ xDDDD

  5. lukecassar says:

    Proset´╗┐ Guys ­čÖé

  6. oneracwho says:

    omg XD amazing

  7. naudi007 says:

    my thumb goes to the chubby´╗┐ guy at 2:27 ­čśŤ

  8. dreyomega says:

    Nice guys´╗┐ !

  9. MissNaivety says:

    oh the awesomeness!!!!!!´╗┐ <3

  10. samuelxiberras says:

    HAHAHAHA, i can’t´╗┐ believe I share a country with these sort of people.

  11. mikela605 says:

    we gott taleentt´╗┐ in maltaaa !

  12. you really got´╗┐ a talent!! ­čśÇ

  13. OoOCalvin says:


  14. PiGle7Shuffle says:

    That Jen slide is so freaking sick >_<´╗┐

  15. Fable123ish says:

    Darkjeteye is right and´╗┐ did u know that HSK dissbanded 2007!

  16. darkjeteye says:

    This is Mikki. He bleached his hair long´╗┐ time ago. Which is why he has blonde hair

  17. cheeseheadrulez4ever says:

    This is not even the real Mikki. The real Mikki is in HSK and no he does not have´╗┐ brown hair, he has blonde. -.-

  18. screwxbox7 says:


  19. TriesToShuffle says:

    SEXIER´╗┐ SLIDE 1:45 0__0

  20. TheIBEEBI says:

    on the jen’s´╗┐ slide ­čśŤ

  21. TheIBEEBI says:

    his style is so smooth!!! can any1 tell where u can find´╗┐ tutorials?? thankiez^^

  22. TheGagable says:

    type this and´╗┐ watch it——-Epic dance battles of history – shuffle vs jerk pt.2 ——–

    who´╗┐ wins mikki or julian???

  23. bereu157 says:

    music theme of´╗┐ shfl.

  24. PsyQoBoy says:

    Sexy slide. 15-22 secs´╗┐

  25. MrLeoziin says:

    song ? ´╗┐

  26. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    he supposed to be king´╗┐ in australia

  27. mikkiz for 2012 president of united states whos with´╗┐ me!!!

  28. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    god i love this´╗┐ video! ­čÖé

  29. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    press´╗┐ 7

  30. Hard666Styler says:

    Mikki is God lol I love all his styles´╗┐ ­čÖé

  31. lilscrilla34 says:

    still stalking´╗┐ him on youtube,

    2O11′ ;D

  32. jamgoskat334 says:

    what is this song

  33. blinkdaygreen99 says:

    wish it wasnt a´╗┐ shitty quality

  34. JoelJownz says:

    Dude, yeaah Mikki is the best shuffler and´╗┐ all that shit but Sacco is actualy good.
    I will guarantee you that he would own you, and thousands more people.. So dont go saying he’s shit you fuck witt. And if he is there ‘idol’ well good for them, that doesnt mean they dont know anything about shuffling.
    I personaly like Mikki the best, then Sacco & Francis. Does that mean i dont know anything about shuffling? No. So maybe you should just, shush because you sound like a dick.

  35. ‘-‘ lol nice!
    If you can, watch my new´╗┐ video

  36. Churrbayy says:

    He’s on sand´╗┐

  37. aTrueBelgian says:

    i like how he dry humps´╗┐ like this whole video and he still won

  38. Tranceperlavita says:

    man shuffling is not about whos the best and whatnot mikki is fkn sick but its about how many people voted him mikki is a better lookin shuffler than sacco. buts all about expressing the music man not about whos better. tehres no´╗┐ need so say sacco is shit coz he really isnt. just enjoy all aspects of shuffling and appreciate that its for the music