Just a random ass video that i decided to upload because recently I have been touching up on my shit points of shuffling and one of them was the running man....

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12 Responses to “Shuffling Practice – Running Man”

  1. Fucking smooth as.. PRO 5/5

  2. Dimitri Condos says:

    nice but wtf is with adelaide shuffla being -3 on hes feedback >.>

  3. Dimitri Condos says:

    hey if u want i cud be in ur compilation… Im from adelaide

  4. WareWoulfe says:

    yea dude Im the same. I learned the running man wrong and now my shuffle
    looks like shit so im practicing how to do it too. Im probably not in the
    best place to give advice but your running man is really smooth, just pick
    up your knees a little more I guess…

  5. 3lpaNt3Ra05 says:

    overload by ganjaguru

  6. Christian Romero says:

    oe esa es tu voz?

  7. Robin Charles says:

    Song name?

  8. BassKOMODO says:

    buen trabajo bro πŸ˜€ espero pronto ver nuevos vid saludos !!!

  9. bieeeen rataa wena con los tutos

  10. eminemfoeva1 says:

    Umm I don’t know what to say so um… Coza asy

  11. xzonangelx says:

    en punta noo!! CUANDO cae primero la planta de atras del pie!! es mas
    perron asii!!

  12. RossMaclaiinee1998 says: