7/23/11 UPDATE READ**** VVVVV my new account is youtube.com/shuffletoexpresss and this is just a tutorial teaching you runningman, plain and simple, malaysia...
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 5 / 5

50 Responses to “Shuffling (Running Man) Tutorial”

  1. lasse fransson says:

    song name?

  2. That’s awesome . But I can’t do the side part 🙁

  3. christian baptism says:

    OH YEAH!! I’m really a FAST LEARNER… Got it even though its my first time
    to do it!! Wahahaha!! Thanks for the video!!!

  4. Foo tried the side-running man,and broke logic. Turning it blue.

  5. TheeboyYoungCam says:


  6. @zxsaomg I won’t lie. It’s all about your personal style, some say malasian
    is smaller movements, some say there is more left to right movement and arm
    movement. In all honesty i think there’s only one style of shuffle and
    that’s YOU shuffle. Me personally i’m some strange mix between oldschool /
    hardstyle / industrial / tektonic , i really like to mix it up! I also
    glowstring. You don’t have to limit your learning to one type of shuffle!

  7. thedarkside0007 says:

    should i do the running man like in the first ( i stop in the middle when i
    change my feet ) or like in 0:55 plz if u can understand me reply

  8. slickplaya69 says:

    Yoo wats the name of that song ??

  9. Please message me song name

  10. Sammy xDee says:

    What style is this? I learned with this video and now I’m actually pretty

  11. toxxicbutter says:

    Running man is easy but i need help with shuffle

  12. schroldgames says:

    DAMNNNNNN!!!!! how do u do tha…… teach me how to shufle teach me teach
    me how to shufle

  13. DisobeyyFckn Antonio says:

    tf dont shuffle in shorts unless its hardstyle tf i malaysian in shortss

  14. ToiletPaperLol says:

    dude i hate you. i cant fucking learn this shit ! 🙁

  15. Anthony Fonseca says:

    @REEP3R187 u should do one of malay.

  16. hey i just checked this video and i realized it went from 1k to 16k views
    >__< if you guys want me to make more tutorials with this kind of style, i can try, just like this comment ALOT! , my new account is /shuffletoexpresss as well,

  17. @FlamingButtholes wanna die 😀

  18. @551Music yeah i realize this isnt melbourne now, i actually don’t know
    what it is, its like an attempt at the “LA style” because i was still
    learning back then

  19. Word of advice: this song is probably too fast for beginners. I’d advise
    not trying to go in sync with the video just yet.

  20. Helen Perez says:

    please slow down D:

  21. xxx3thedreamxxx3 says:

    Lol at the comments below xD

  22. KathyCudiGreen says:

    This was very helpful! 🙂

  23. @KiteoHatto your welcome 🙂 making more!

  24. CombatArmsRager says:

    Your exactly spot on with this tutorial. With phat pants it looks different
    but it’s just an illusion. Well done.

  25. Samantha Sims says:

    i can do it but once i start trying to go to fast it turns into nonsense
    lol help!

  26. SlipShuffler says:

    Reppin the US lol

  27. Teraxlovers says:

    another u.s shuffler nice =)

  28. Willis Hsieh says:

    rusties ftw

  29. Pressy Derige says:

    haha niiiiiiice repping NEWB! 5/5 NEWB.Twiggyy

  30. SlipShuffler says:

    haha thanks

  31. SlipShuffler says:

    haha ty

  32. Willis Hsieh says:

    ownage ;3

  33. SlipShuffler says:

    i didn’t mean to iforgot to cut that part out x.x

  34. SlipShuffler says:

    i know but i feel super junks x.x

  35. BRYCE1q2w3e4r5t6y says:

    very nice man 😉 your shuffle style doesnt really suit electro shuffling,,
    dont worry man keep rockin hard xD

  36. Sala Ieremia says:

    besides the fact that your style does not match the music at all. its
    pretty pro

  37. Anthony Conradi says:

    @sese666 Sese, you make me very angry when you tell shufflers this because
    you know as well as I do that there is no such thing as pro. Granted you
    said this 11 months ago… Btw, slip, I think you are hella smooth.

  38. SlipShuffler says:

    lol ty

  39. ilikeapplepie1321 says:

    so you got a camera? you can still use mine later if you need one lol

  40. Blatpoppin5 says:

    Super Rusty my ass haha xD Sweet shuffle bro =] 5*’s ||BLaCK||

  41. iCanDanceify says:

    Haha, someone stayed pro xP And ya gotta always have a blooper huh? lol
    Keep on shuffling garret xD

  42. xXchocomuffinloveXx says:

    lol very nice 😀 and i like the part where you almost fall. XD

  43. SlipShuffler says:

    … i ment to cut that part out

  44. SlipShuffler says:

    haha thanks

  45. @TrebelRebel pshhhh rawr hes good and hes not beginner u happy now? lmao

  46. SlipShuffler says:

    NEWB ftw!!!

  47. very cool =) i like it ;D

  48. u know what ur pro! 5/5

  49. Anthony Conradi says:

    @sese666 Yus I am. Btw, why the hell did you not tell me there was a meetup
    on saturday??? T-T

  50. SlipShuffler says:

    lol ya i borrowed josephs but sure maybe later on