A LOT of you asked me to shuffle "good" to music. so here you go - Shuffling to "Avaline - Never Sever (Original mix)". I WAS very tired from rollerblading, and the floor is grippy to my shoes, and whatever.... but I think you'll agree that this still rocks your jocks!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Shuffling to Music”

  1. mrbarleytea says:

    why are these videos all in parking garages?

  2. IWolfGod says:

    It doesn’t look hardstyle, but hey you’re pretty good 😉

  3. hardstyle455 says:


  4. Rickypr18 says:

    I think you’re funny

  5. MrBogidan says:

    reminds me somehow on darkwave/industrial 😀

  6. Am I only think like his boots makes the beat ??? lol

  7. @LesleeyLoveee What are you an American nigger??

  8. themeli430 says:

    lame. 🙂

  9. Awesome, balanced style. Definitely great for raving in tight spaces, and you don’t see too many people who use the Reverse Shuffle.

  10. 00ariOn00 says:

    daddy long legs xD

  11. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my page! 🙂

  12. for some reason this looks like an airport parking lot

  13. LesleeyLoveee says:

    This quy qots SWAG ! (:

  14. Man I’ve been watching BigMilan for 4 years now and he’s still boss. I hate how all these new one step shuffler are being fags saying that he sucks. It’s called Melbourne and this shits old school, respect it.

  15. XxrawrxX510 says:

    Skate 3 parking garage =)

  16. xXKadebaXx says:

    I wish I knew how to shuffle ;n;

  17. devilishflow3 says:

    Holy crap how tall are you

  18. blackstarable12 says:

    i wear he is like flying!!!!

  19. TEACH ME !!!!

  20. MrEpicness1234 says:

    dude r u gliding

  21. PunchAPeach says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, this is shuffling!! Take notes!!!

  22. HardstepTijuana says:

    He shuffles like a Raver

  23. 213crimes says:

    Krimes wus here! Da Dopest as video I seen yet on utube

  24. TheLittlebighuman says:

    Do u live in a parking garage

  25. GirtopolisArashiki says:

    Lolololol funny