Shuffling Typo Man

SONGLIST: 1) We Live For the Music - Showtek 2) Uprising ( Diidjital Mix ) - Bass Agents 3) Exploration of Space - Cosmic Gate 4) Break the Silence - Savon 5) Time - Benny Benassi I did this for my Typography Final Project where we had to do a font promo. I chose the font 'Beatbox' and decided to make it 'dance'. This is the outcome. Hope you guys enjoy it and please leave a comment. Thanks =). I used Sony Vegas for this. credits to the owner of this video for the background lights.
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24 Responses to “Shuffling Typo Man”

  1. Girl1234Skater says:

    :D haha i think its funny

  2. fuarrkkk

  3. BlackOps536 says:

    Wish I Was A Top Comment….

  4. oooolaify says:

    menos letra y mas video

  5. TrueDesignMusic says:

    Finnally a shuffle video with decent quality music. Wait no asians

  6. SamuraiKirby10 says:

    this is what happens when you use the arrow to the knee jokes too much, they come to life and do the shuffle

  7. pyromainiac25 says:


  8. sulayman360 says:

    download puss in boots[after effects] typo here:
    download kung fu panda 2[sony vegas pro] typography here:


  9. michaelhyourinmaru says:


  10. TheProlematic7 says:

    check out my videos guys please!!!

  11. LumenProxy says:

    Watch me and my friend shuffle 🙂
    Search for “criticalcruxifixtion”

    how dare you hate on this. this made my entire day. damn u haters. ):

  13. sean12ab34cd says:

    @1000modernwarfare backwards

  14. 1000modernwarfare says:

    so can any one tell if its facing right, left or forward the whole time?

  15. IAmFuryan says:


  16. @body4me2c I LIKE TRAINS

  17. KevinCMustDie says:

    HERES MY TOP COMMENT! put out the music and put here we fucking go and see how these guys move! trust me ive beEn to a rave! ;D

  18. evil10111 says:

    This is stupid.

  19. OfficialExizion says:

    Ok then, that was ummmm let’s see here….. Ok I guess pretty wicked but I thought t was kinda weird xD WE SPEAK MUSIC

  20. ParkerSaysRAWR says:

    This.. Is.. Badass

  21. WICKED!

  22. CheckSatori says:

    Hoow’d you make the font?

  23. HipHopKuecken says:

    nice 😉

  24. Metal8Lover says:

    @TheRaVeN1999 sad isn’t it 🙁