after three months, I'm back hehe. comment and rate if u like it 😀 Enjoy. Song List: Dark By Design Hate Headhunterz Blame it on the music Check it :)!

25 Responses to “Sicky Shuffle 2012!”

  1. DermotF96 says:

    nice video 🙂
    how do you do the green glow D: 😛

  2. BassProphecyTeam says:

    Nice Video Man =D
    Sub Back ?? i Subbed

    Quik//BP Bass Prophecy

  3. Hrycek112 says:

    pedał z Brazylii w tych samych butach

  4. Shfl0las says:

    best cwel dancer !

  5. Neville1337 says:

    @TheAtmoProduction patrz, jebany na desce jezdzi

  6. GregorCanShuffle says:

    hujowa sztuka,

    great one! kurwa

  7. lance85898589 says:

    Daddy sicky 😛 <3


  8. kamizakes1 says:

    muito foda mano

  9. lance85898589 says:

    I wanna be like you 🙁

  10. fodão sicky um dos meu preferidos jockers *+5fav
    Baddicts Yuu´h

  11. HardstyleController1 says:

    Nice shuffling but are the effects really necessary?

  12. ShufflerEPIC says:

    hey i want to try out for bassmasters how can i tryout?

  13. Sicky, you motivate me. :)

  14. XshufflerRA says:

    lucky dude sitting on the car watching sicky shuffle FUCK!!!!

  15. DrakShuffler626 says:

    Ha ha ha!
    the best ;A
    ~ Drak

  16. PDRandRAZOR says:

    ae pessoal postei um video meu e do meu amigo estamos começando a dançar, por favor veja o video :B

  17. RaveCoreEmpire says:

    GREAT but dupstep at the end suxx 😉 all in all one of the best shufflers ever !

  18. snoopdog568 says:

    @TheJP3372 because sicky is a SHUFFLING GOD that has attained maximum smoothness.

  19. Khaysonn says:

    sickest shuffle i ever seen

  20. SpynalShuffler555 says:

    @NxTII sai fora ele vai casar comigo
    fuuuuu –‘

  21. Casa comigo ? *-*

  22. rlaqjawls13 says:

    #2 song name plz?

  23. MT1snickers says:

    Sicky!!!! man i love your speed and smoothness!!! this hardstyle shuffle is awesome! Epic vid is epic!
    the ending was cool too 😀

  24. Smallmau5raver says:

    *.* will u be my dad?? 😉 nice vid bro loved it liked and faved <3


  25. @TheJP3372 because his shuffle is super smooth