This grandpa is a pro hard style shuffler. Song: Colours of the Harder Style by Showtek.

I Remember Deadmau5 Shuffle

Random Weds Decided to go out an record on the nice street of Wilmas. Comment & Rate. Smiley~Jimmyboi AOR. JIMMYBOI-AOR SMILEY-AOR PS I know the vids long.. just watch the whole thing, ull like it =)

49 Responses to “Six Flags Grandpa Hard Style Shuffling”

  1. seems legit

  2. LSalvSk8er says:


  3. hydrulics96 says:

    hahahaha thats great!!! hahahah GO GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!

  4. aeLOVESnsn says:

    I used to dance like that . Then i took an arrow to the knee ._.

  5. yodarainbow says:

    Finally! I found the original Six Flags video!

  6. FenrisVermillion says:

    this was the day he found out about viagra

  7. FenrisVermillion says:

    seems legit

  8. GspaceW says:

    Mofos getting blowy hahha

  9. HCopterWaldo says:

    Always trust a man in a big red van -3

  10. mrbboyninja says:

    i think hes the original lol. hes already got those glasses to prove it

  11. nickm6800 says:

    I love this song!!!

  12. nextgenhacker01 says:

    Grampa on juice!!

  13. tdeep12 says:

    This never gets old 🙂

  14. LimeyKat says:

    It’s longer than it needed to be, but it’s a fun time.

  15. ruffinist says:

    I always laugh so hard hwne i wathch this aestpecially drunk lolz!!!

  16. derzodaminer88 says:

    he just had sex with grandma 4 the first time in 50 yrs XD

  17. XoXoXDante says:

    I wish that was my grandpa… v.v

  18. omg-

  19. collzith21 says:

    grandpa what ya doing out theire! come back inside and have some pills! xD

  20. tankertyler2 says:

    this made my day!!!!!! so fUCKING HARD!

  21. MrHyurikane says:

    Wonder if anyone knows that’s a female in a mask/bald cap.. hmm..

  22. TheLuis54312 says:

    i want that to be my grandpa lol

  23. AceionzHardstyle says:

    That’s more like a combination of shuffle and jumpstyle

  24. bohrokthunder says:

    coolest old guy ever

  25. I remember shuffling like this. You guys are fucking amazng!!! I love it!!! Keep it u!!! I will remember this!!!

  26. rhsalex says:

    wtf this peackock doing D: ?  Guys !! Great video and great smooth shuffle 😛

  27. xdarkprince1349x says:

    Bomb ass shuffling guys! keep up the good work

  28. vihasohi420 says:

    you guys are sick! thats whats up, AOR REPPIN!

  29. TheBlahman3 says:

    A wild peacock? o_O

  30. SDKomalet09 says:

    @zayropsy were still rockin ! check out our Routine Vid

  31. zayropsy says:

    guys like u don’t exist anymore keep it up!!

  32. oxepicfailxp says:

    i like when smiley comes out smoking and almost gets caught i guess and goes back inside…. also perfect song when getting high

  33. oxepicfailxp says:

    i like when smiley comes out smoking and almost gets caught i guess and goes back inside

  34. ccshufflers says:

    this is sick dude, love this song too

  35. ScienceFictionHairdo says:

    that’s one kickass p-cock

  36. Very nice shuffling! ^_^
    Nice and smooth style

  37. carmenrocks31 says:

    0:46 Smiley wont REMEMBER

  38. mesorio12 says:

    the peacock wanted to hear “i remember”!!!

  39. honda8rr says:


  40. SDKomalet09 says:

    For one of the fun-nest times recording.. I did not think this many people would like it this much <3 thankyou everyone!

  41. rj091710 says:

    that one person dosent have the ability to remember!

  42. connamctoenail says:


  43. koolkiddjay1 says:

    @SDKomalet09 alright thanx man! 

  44. SDKomalet09 says:

    @koolkiddjay1 I remember - Deadmau5

  45. koolkiddjay1 says:

    what song is this?

  46. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. BiqDaddieHyper says:

    danq ‘ down ass videooo .
    collab it withh mee.?’

    -B i q D a d d i e H y p e r

  48. MIICHAEL310 says:

    Haha that’s my block lakme

  49. SDKomalet09 says:

    Always At Least 1 Hater LOL.