If this video has helped you, please do me the favor and give the video a thumbs up and a favorite. It would also be awesome if you subscribe to watch me shuffle! Song- Do You wanna balloon by Trance Generators. I slowed it to about 120 (I think) BPM. I did this to have something to shuffle to when just starting out, because it was boring shuffling to metronome xD Anyways, enjoy!
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25 Responses to “Slow Song For Melbourne Shuffle Practice!”

  1. WWIIStudy101 says:

    DO smack my derb-Alpha Twins

  2. HardBassRepublic says:


  3. I like this beat I was able ti shuffle to it with ease 3

  4. havick104 says:

    do brankicker vs noisecontrollers: always black 2

  5. havick104 says:

    now when i listen to the real song its SUPER FAST

  6. BeadlesDreamgirl98 says:

    trance generators – do u wanna balloon <- song name 😉

  7. Megarednwhite says:

    Could you do Headhunterz- Rock Civilization? PLEAASEE 😀 I’ll SUB AND LIKE!!

  8. MaximusEurope says:

    @fenitas95rogue true!! good idea!!

  9. duhasianpanda says:

    Its trance generators do you want a balloon slowed down

  10. MCnuggets6543 says:


  11. TheSpyChecker says:

    too slow. i picked up shuffling the first try, and went quick with it in the first 10 minutes of practice.

  12. groovyhide says:

    thank you very much!

  13. @flairphantem not at all, im 6’5″ and I shuffle :), check out my vids 😀

  14. armcaredude says:

    @joeyp978 or youtubebyclick

  15. Javando100 says:

    @flairphantem no it does not affect it at all, u can be short or tall and still shuffle very good. all u need to do is practice those moves and look up bigmalin-basic tutorial moves, and look at his channel and look at all of his shuffling tutorials and his tips on how to shuffle better. i hope this helps bro,good luck 🙂

  16. TheBizniatch says:

    @flairphantem yeah dont stomp looks bad plus wear baggy pants make you look less like a spastic

  17. TheBizniatch says:

    @flairphantem im 175 >_> and im fine try to wear baggy pants or you can buy phat pants, these kind of pants make your legs look less spastic

  18. flairphantem says:


    About 162 centimeters, but yeah I’m thinking that I need to stomp harder.

  19. @PlayingTarot gimme a song and ill throw it up!

  20. PlayingTarot says:


  21. TheBizniatch says:

    @flairphantem no not really how much is 6 foot in cm? but yeah it shouldnt

  22. flairphantem says:

    Still too fast for me. :L

    Does height greatly affect shuffle/running man? Cause I’m almost 6 feet tall.

  23. @fenitas95rogue let me know what song you would like in a message, I could def do that sometime!

  24. fenitas95rogue says:

    you should make a song starting slow and speeding it up gradually!

  25. Lol Do you wanna Baloon in slow motion ^-^
    Well it`s ok, but I started with real Hardstyle Music, no matter how fast it is.
    If ure shuffling to fast music even if u re a beginner, u will lern it perfectly in a few days. 😀