A super uber mega track -.- No, without jokes, one of my favorite songs some time ago 😀 Just chilled shuffel ! PS.: It´s quite old, got some new vid with more practice 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Smooth Shuffle – Deadmau5 – Not Exactly”

  1. 323ReTrO says:

    Nice shuffling illusion dude.
    It’s still a good video to watch!!

  2. Nortroll says:

    this video deserves sooo many more views than 20000! Awesome shuffling and I am now a fan of deadma5 because of you!! 😉

  3. shookakah says:

    Shuffling smooth just takes practice.

  4. Archantis says:

    have you set your floor on fire yet?

  5. vmoleeyx says:


  6. TWNRules says:

    dude where you from???

  7. holysoks1 says:

    @CHRISISNTCROSS phat pants.

    Made for raving, looks sick to shuffle in them.

  8. holysoks1 says:

    @NOM145 I can shuffle like this on most surfaces, also, hes wearing phats, which makes the illusion better.

    It’s all down to style, mind you, some surfaces are impossible to shuffle smoothly on (Sticky marble)

  9. Halo2glitchlover22 says:

    Not Exactly is my favorite deadmau5 song ever, I just love it so much. I never really thought that shuffling + this song would go together, but you proved me wrong.

  10. lets see you dance that smooth on asphalt in shoes. Dont cheat and wear socks on a wood floor. I can do that and i just started like a month ago, its nothing special.

  11. darkangel99423 says:

    I love you.


    whats with the pants??

  13. hardcorejumpers123 says:

    You dance really nice and chill but then you just fly away and i really like that ! (Y)

  14. lluuttzz says:

    @hellprison May I suggest a little advise here? All the moves are in ya mind so follow the flow of ya mind and let your moves go with the beat and the music itself! 😉

  15. AussieRaver1996 says:

    oh how i love shuffling with socks in the kitchen surface, just not much space to make a vid =(

  16. Best style EVER !!! i fucking love the way you do the runing man… man o man i wish i had the style you have 😀

  17. MrSchnap says:

    it looks effortless

  18. HssHybriid says:

    if u been shufflin fer a while den u know to not do da runnin man forward, cuz den it looks liike ur walking. im just sayin cuz i had da same prob. lolz.

  19. aNiw8oS12 says:

    nc vid…….relaxing……gr8 speakers though!!!!!!and better song arguru!:P

  20. viibetribe says:

    good 😉

  21. bigchris662 says:

    i fucking love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. methylone1 says:

    Obviously you are not from Melbourne and around in the shuffling era. The dance floors where covered in talcum powder to make shuffling easier

  23. FreedomBeats says:

    when you go to clubs, do they have like special floors so you can dance. No shoes, no drinks aloud kinda thing

  24. stopSooph says:

    awesome 😀

  25. Hm, I Think it would look better if you didn’t move so much back and forth and is it just me or are you abit off-beat?