Tim and me dancing while custom-made lazers are being projected on us 🙂 Thanks to: Tim for making and editing the video. ImTech for letting us use the loft....

25 Responses to “Smoothstyle Shuffle with Lazer Lightshow!”

  1. Francisco Romero says:

    the charleston

  2. Carl Powell says:

    whats the difference? dont be a dick im asking a genuine question. i can
    see how this seems less intense but im putting that down to lowered tempo
    by about 10 – 20 bpm.

  3. crimpthe3rd says:

    and hardstyle just looks retarded =D

  4. Whats that move from 2:20 to 2:30 called?

  5. TechsysOFFICIAL says:

    HAHAHAHA you make me laugh xD this is a reallyy terrible way of shuffling
    xD melbourne shuffle is DA shuffle!

  6. BoogeymanPLUR says:

    @shockanthony I agree lol

  7. BoogeymanPLUR says:

    @nhannguy3nSS It’s mainly because I tend to keep my weight shifted back
    instead of forward on my toes. Makes it look less ‘stompy’ and more fluid,
    hence the reason I call it “Smoothstyle” instead

  8. Enna Payne says:

    Haha okay..

  9. Kasey Hooker says:

    Smoothstyle looks better than hardstyle to me.

  10. keep practicing..not quite there yet..

  11. MrDinOProfessor says:

    i like how in this video you can hear the audio lol

  12. Rory Firkins says:

    i thought it was pretty cool. Where do iget me one of thoes lazers?

  13. zimmerman9410 says:

    i agree. your shuffling is great but the music you chose doesnt go well
    with the shuffle. that’s why it looks like they way it does. where’s the
    drum beat, kick, snare, whatever you wanna call it.

  14. SomeUrbanNinja says:

    “Do you know how to talk proper english?” Where did you go during English
    class? The PROPER way to say that is: Do you know how to speak proper
    English?” If you’re gonna insult someone’s Grammar.. your shit better be
    straight first!

  15. Omar Cabral says:

    im a bit embarrassed myself. sorry to say.

  16. Iraqnid2088 says:

    @AZy4444 Me like.

  17. steven lopez says:


  18. Aric Hiebing says:

    hardstyle seems more like pussy repellant anyway. keep up the positive
    attitude boogeyman

  19. Dragons262 says:

    @blizard0717 Everyone has their own opinions on what they like and dislike,
    so quit talking about what you like and go watch another video that you are
    actually interested in.

  20. Enna Payne says:


  21. nhan nguyen says:

    i like the vid, but something about the shuffle doesnt look right.

  22. SomeUrbanNinja says:

    And YOU look like a moron regardless what you wear… fat bish

  23. sub

  24. came here for the shuffling, stayed for the laser show

  25. AWESOME!!! Greetz from Germany!