Practicing my new style. I have finally found a style I find fit and I am going to stick with it my goal is to be like no one else I want to be my own person...

I DO NO OWN THESE SONGS:P** shoutout to laurentroung101 :DDDDD thanks for pushing me to post thisssss.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

34 Responses to “Socal Hardstylers NuG – The New New Style”

  1. paul schlacter says:

    …dude you’re saying he should have dropped everything he could have been
    doing to watch your shuffle? um just let it go?

  2. good =)

  3. Blayzovich says:

    this 905EK guy man…lol nice shuffle bro 🙂 Still wish I coulda had a meet
    with all of you

  4. youngstar986 says:

    Dopeeee, looks clean. Nice RM xD | ASROE |

  5. markoz2327 says:

    ive seen ur videos nd i think ur an awesome shuffler ive been shuffling for
    4 months nd im like 1 lvl behind u im pretty good all my friends think so

  6. @905EK Cool story bro, I don’t care lol but please keep making a fool of
    yourself I’m enjoying it

  7. ur hand movements r good man but u know ill rape the shit outta u in malay

  8. Billy Billany says:

    @905EK your shuffle video looks a like a retard on smack…

  9. XxTheHolyMenxX says:

    You are sticking to the running man a little to much. Makes it look really
    basic. Try to mix in some more tricks. Like Sacco kick or even basic spins .

  10. SeanGrenade says:

    Hey so…Sunday I don’t have work..Lets meetup! I borrowed my friends
    camera..but I do not have a mem stick for it..tryin to get a vid together.
    Like the style man!

  11. Alexis Montoya says:

    awesome! (: keep it up!

  12. whooo! go nug!

  13. Brad Bolek says:

    I live in southern Cali haha an I’m looking for a group… Still possible
    to join?

  14. nice one dude u look sooo different!! I like the style!!

  15. stop jumping start gilidding pls

  16. heavydutybrothers says:

    nice moves 🙂

  17. i think your running man looks loads better, but i think your side steps
    need to be a big biger for the style you seem to be going for 🙂

  18. CaliHouseShuffleFem says:

    how many “new”styles are you going to have?

  19. giovanni565 says:

    dude i love your pae and sarah Runningman i’d kill to have that in my style!

  20. @905EK know what your talking about pls

  21. shut up ur just jealous

  22. MUZZI MPOFU CHEmicaLS says:

    Can I join sch

  23. Check out TheBaconExpress thats some real shuffling

  24. Mj Fimbres says:

    very good!

  25. Sebastian Chen says:

    haha nice job man good shuffling

  26. THAnkU YouR nOW tEAciNg mY 7 YeAR OLD sON to “sHuFFLe! N ruNNinG man!

  27. RaveItWithEffect says:

    Your awesome man

  28. changboi18 says:

    dammm i havent heard ur voice for ages lol changing ahha nice one man!

  29. Joshua Jahnke says:

    ok man your welcome! i hope he progresses far:D

  30. punkstarx31 says:

    omg! your so good 😀

  31. RaveItWithEffect says:

    Make one on the kicks and spins please?

  32. Joshua Jahnke says:

    @LAURENTRUONG101 thnank you:DDD

  33. Joshua Jahnke says:

    @changboi18 lol hahhahahha its stayed the same broooo:D

  34. Joshua Jahnke says:

    @RaveItWithEffect ok man i will:DD