Sofia Elfgren Swedish Shuffling 2010

song ; D'azoo At Night - Im Ready To Rock(radio mix) Sofias second shuffle video. She's doing some tektonik arm movements but she don't know why haha ? So don't complain about that ;p The time is 02.30 pm right now so we're to tired to make this video and description good =D

Hope you love the song i do ^^ dedication to HURz and HYS Shuffle Up.

48 Responses to “Sofia Elfgren Swedish Shuffling 2010”

  1. crazywave9 says:


  2. Trobbux says:

    Du e grym bruden! :D

  3. xrelolps says:

    jag tycker att du dampar med ditt skrivande…. annars är det bra 😀

  4. H4doKo says:

    your re a dream =P

  5. MultiPontus123 says:

    as bra och du e snygg <3

  6. lucajoel1 says:

    nooooooooob with big b

  7. omeletteneseg says:

    Awesome 😀

  8. TheFPSsweden says:

    fan va nice! :D LOVE IT! <3

  9. kungensson122 says:

    Grym tjej asså :O

  10. Shadow99Dancer says:

    Tyckte ju händerna var grymma! fortsätt så! 🙂

  11. EliasTittyFakker says:

    snygga skor :) hade likadana!

  12. KingFeraxx says:

    någon som var packad och hade boring?

  13. DjGutthenbergMedia says:

    Skridskor? 🙂

  14. Grillspett45 says:

    Ser MYCKET bättre ut med armarna än att de bara hänger där iallafall! 😉

  15. User846 says:

    Ser fan häftigare ut när du håller på med armarna så! 🙂

  16. XDanishFail says:

    why do swedish people have girl shufflers 🙁 greetings from denmark.

  17. Sloth7d says:

    No they didn’t.

  18. 999EDIN says:

    den sötaste tjejen och den bästa av alla tjejer på shuffling ..

  19. goku97marsena says:

    är det bara jag som gillar armrörelserna !? 🙂 

  20. Rikard95100 says:

    vilken brud 😀

  21. Super1Viggen says:

    Vill du se någon som dampar med händerna? Så sök upp”Sacco shuffle”

  22. Djthunderify says:

    Sjuka skills ändå

  23. allyelina says:

    haha tro mig, kan knappt kolla på denna videon för jag skäms över mina armrörelser.

  24. Neavet says:

    tycker du dampar lite för mycket med händerna.. annars sjukt snyggt, najs 🙂

  25. lokreth1992 says:

    Frågan består… HUR LÅNG ÄR DU?!?!?!

  26. BoSsiswhatitis says:

    dope song yo

  27. roastedchair says:

    dreadful quality in this clip ffs

  28. Skalafragelistick says:

    April 2012!!!!!!!!!

  29. RBFF123 says:

    No he has 84

  30. Jthemopo says:

    Thumbs Up if you like bacon and shuffling!!!! 😀

  31. j0hn78121 says:

    i have 350 ovls banked

  32. MrSiolbed3 says:



  33. TheLogicbunny says:

    try listening to this song high as a fucking kite. just so overwhelming

  34. 92shadowcreeper says:

    dang many memories with this song,, i remember all those girls… and the bass!! :O
    the bass we caught fishing

  35. ExceededlyJosh says:

    omg x.x the memories with this song x.x
    R.I.P. Summer 2010

  36. LoveDestiny100 says:

    Correction,83 xD

  37. ShufflinApple says:

    a seizure? from this? pfftt lol dont make me laugh

  38. coolalfredo says:


  39. MrJakesnake81 says:

    good shit!

  40. DJCryse says:

    march 2012

  41. OHYEAHKARMA says:

    OMG ur funny, now get back to the kitchen

  42. meher98flyff says:


  43. plumbummed says:

    240, we meet again

  44. moabsoncaos says:

    this music is cool , i like

  45. moabsoncaos says:

    nope , bieber have 83 now !

  46. Techno4Lifezz says:

    I remember now!!! the song was called “Showtek – Expansion” Towards the end this melody comes on x}

  47. Techno4Lifezz says:

    OMG I heard this before but I can’t remember the name, it sounded a bit different though, maybe a new edited version?…
    Sounded shit compared to this though(:
    I ♥ Hardstyle
    If anyone else knows great songs like this, Please, PLEASE reply some to me so I and other people can hear them! ;D, It will be much appreciated! (:

  48. This is OVERLOAD !