A great and funny day at kh. We even did a victory dance around a dwarf named "Ed" Casual friday.. :' D Copyright disclaimer. We do not own the music, the music belongs to the artists and their music companies. Tracklist: 1. Technoboy - Ravers Rulez (The Prophet 2004 remix) 2. TnT (Technoboy and Tuneboy) - The Eight Note 3. Noisecontrollers - The Time Has Come (HardKoncept 2010 Anthem)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “Some Shufflin pt13 (Shuffle PractiC3 at KH)”

  1. HensonTrinhShow says:

    Nice Man You Got Way better 🙂


  2. yonne1104 says:

    @CriticalCruxifixtion lol yesss thats the spirit! xD

  3. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im not one of the legends yet. But one day.. xD

  4. yonne1104 says:

    hey dude youre sick xD Imean… nit a Mikki Sacco or Rocky but smoothen it out more practice more and gliiiiiiiide and youll be a little close 🙂 awesome job for a normal person though!

  5. ShuffleAllDay55 says:

    new vid check it!

  6. LumenProxy says:

    Then I guess it was my bad bro! Soz

  7. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Well ty for that 🙂 and we will get phats in time. Though they are expensive, thats the thing.

  8. soullusst says:

    i dont give a fuck what they are all i was saying was that u are good and that it would look sick in phatt pants thats all i did’t mean no offense by it

  9. LumenProxy says:

    Unless you’re blind, those are normal size jeans. I don’t know what your idea of skinny jeans are but that sure as fuck ain’t skinny jeans

  10. LumenProxy says:

    Obviously you have no idea what an emo looks like, either that or you’re just plain retarded

  11. soullusst says:

    ha not bad just lose the gay skinnies and rock some phatts and then we’ll talk.
    just as bad as lmfao. good song though

  12. mattiasthecheese says:


  13. PartyMusicification says:

    hahaa emo wnb shufflers

  14. dion2k889 says:


  15. ShuffleAllDay55 says:

    Nice nice

  16. LumenProxy says:

    Please explain to me how we are try hards

  17. lolster93 says:

    Damn try hards, ruining the scene :b

  18. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Wait a moment. Im going to edit it up.

  19. dion2k889 says:

    nice music whats the name?

  20. mattiasthecheese says:


  21. Älskar foppe <3

  22. First!