LOTS of you kept asking me to do a tute for spins. I kinda wasn't thrileld about it because it's sort of very complex, so it's hard to explain. but I got around to it finaly!

Girls Can Shuffle Hard Compilation

-simple edit. nothiing fancy with the program i use. song: nish- talk to me - female shufflers who get down hard melbourne and malaysian. -rate, sub, comment (haters will be removed) shufflers in order: -sushi (spinningsushi) -kit (kittie9876) 0:27 - 0:53 -rafa (Rafaadubautakahashi) 0:54 - 1:21 -hanh (lovehanhbui) 1:22 - 1:57 -tracy (bbyhuniboo) 1:58 - 2:24 -caah (carollzin) 2:25 - 3:20 -bia (biancaqq) 3:21 - 3:45 -niaa (nia2008xxxx) 3:46 - 4:30 -bex (GANgsterBecca) 4:31 - 5:01 -jolene (AhJooHardstyler) HM ahjoo youtube 5:02 - * i do not own this song or any of the videos in this compilation *no copyright intended enjoy 😀

49 Responses to “Spins tutorial”

  1. Rickypr18 says:

    “You might fall. You might fall and kill yourself. That’s your own fault”

  2. SamanthaHazStitches says:

    I tried doing a 360 and I spun over and fell on my computer desk. xD

  3. DkDensity says:

    “I’ll be like yeahhh fuck yeahhh & do a little spin”
    haha xD

  4. thedeadserv says:

    It’s simply a matter of kicking yourself off and around with the foot that lands behind you and use that kick to propel your torso towards the side you want to spin. Works both ways.

    Not one to ask for thumbs up but it’s just to ease the learning curve of newcomers.

  5. samsyamsudin says:


  6. utuber8781 says:

    This really seems useful.

  7. dragonblood199 says:

    I thought Chuck Norris was a ballerina :-p

  8. codeyismename says:


  9. gauszka55 says:

    Kręci się jak gówno w przeręblu 

  10. darkfang171 says:

    thank you soooo much this was so helpful idk why but i got good at this in like 10 mins, while im spinning a switch my leg and kick the way i was spinning and i go super fast i use my arms too for momentum

  11. TheTHIFU says:


  12. DoppelGanger56 says:

    “I don’t care what anyone thinks, including myself.” Haha awesome 🙂

  13. Nenonesource2 says:

    Ya fukk

  14. shadowskyuubi says:

    To me it sounds like Keese (Bats) from Zelda 😀

  15. TheAwkwordPair says:

    0:06 is that a dolphin i hear?

  16. AudioVisualOverload says:

    Stop saying it’s complex :@ It’s not that complicated really it just looks hard. Practice and you’ll get it down.

  17. @16ositopanda hahaha awesome! my junior prom was in 2007 and senior one in 2008 (before anyone in America shuffled)… so imagine how awesome it looked when i busted that stuff out wayyy back then! ;P

  18. Yeah, fuck, yeah!

  19. mmorpguidesboyeee123 says:

    in asia thumbs down means like

  20. mmorpguidesboyeee123 says:

    those who pressed dislike probably just cant do it

  21. its so difficult to keep control, my problem was i practised with socks on my glidy room floor

  22. Usernameiswadum says:

    Best Shuffle teacher ever!!!

  23. mrbroskiify says:

    theres a triangle n the back O.o

  24. BOBgenius32 says:

    pleas make a koregarphy to all the steps . . .

  25. supermanvalle says:

    Everyone who pressed the Dislike button can go FUCKTHEMSELFS!

  26. americanIRISHBOI says:

    OH damn havent seen girls shufffle this good

  27. msginia122 says:

    i am in love with the one 3:10 <3 <3

  28. oYezOYTieoYe says:

    <3 gals who has shufflin skills,.hard or softy?! style will do HEHE... xP

  29. jaydubsac59 says:

    True ^_______^

    o_____0 Haha

  30. SilverShadowExorcist says:

    girls can shuffle even more better than boys ! ;D

  31. she know we can see her right

  32. lordofthenoobs says:

    2:56 to 3:45 best part

  33. CloudStrifesmemory0 says:

    Loved these shufflers, great pleasure watching them….. but i think the first shuffler was the best.

  34. OMG, at 1:58 there is a ninja

  35. southparkmxcan says:

    “the 5 levels of Melbourne shuffle. Find out what level are you..

  36. SlayerTapion says:

    song…? please

  37. i like the girl i like of colour red 2:19

  38. TheKre1000 says:

    To me the First Girl was the best!
    That was some Sick Shuffling!

  39. KEnnMAsters says:

    can i date some of yall?

  40. 2:11 - 2:20: other Girl tries shuffling, then running away cryin… xD

  41. Skeeterthebuilder says:

    You might wanna upgrade that computer u got there, looks like its been through some rough times o.o Buuuut other than that awesome dancin chica ^^

  42. Wrong music

  43. NsaShuffle says:

    marry me? xD

  44. sparkky409 says:

    Love this video not just becuse the girls cuz there fucking beast at shuffling….1st girl got some speed!!!!

  45. Beginner Hardstyle (Jase) look this up

  46. itsourtimenow316 says:

    I want to learn who can teach me….$200.00 dollar Who can teach me shuffling

  47. MrsBieberlicious61 says:

    Those are magic feet

  48. blah1942 says:

    youre a boss shuffler, and very cute!

  49. MrFkin123 says:

    lol who said they can’t??? 😀