Hey Youtube! First I want to thank all my friends, subscribers and all other supporters who commenting, rating, faving and watching my videos! Without you I would not be there where I am today! Thanks for that and keep watching my videos! ;D Dont forget to comment, rate or subscribe if you like what I do?! ;DI appreciate every feedback as always! Check out the vinylshakerz for more awesome remixes and music! www.vinylshakerz.com Also check out http , its my own dance community - everybody is welcome. Track: Dj 666 - Supadupafly (Vinylshakerz Remix) Info: This Time I have made not too much effects, but more/ better dance-action. Hope you like it! 😉 I dont need this hyper 3d editshit. xD 9 hours of editing, kept it simple. =) Was alot of fun making the video..^^ Greetings, your Wing

25 Responses to “~SuPaDuPaFLy~”

  1. WingZero616 says:

    @wtfnonamepossible Oo no?

  2. wtfnonamepossible says:

    so, is this your job? being awesome?

  3. WingZero616 says:

    @KiwiRawks dankeschön, weiß ich zu schätzen! 😀

  4. KiwiRawks says:

    Ich liebe deinen Stil *_*
    EInfach so ein geiles Zusammenspiel verschiedener Stile, mega respekt

    ich schau mir deine videos jetzt schon zum 10 mal oder so an aber ich komm einfach nich von los, zu beeindruckend

  5. laydbakk1 says:

    You rock brother… You set the tone, you set the style, you set the pace for the rest of the crowd who’s always going to be in your rear view mirror… Keep up the great work my friend… Doug, USA

  6. TheTommyy1995 says:

    das hier is mit melodic hurricane es geilste deiner Videos 😀

  7. TheTommyy1995 says:

    das hier is mit melodic hurricane es geilste deiner Videos 😀

  8. 0815UserCantShuffle says:

    wohl das absolut geilste video das ich je geshen hab und ich sehs immer wieder gerne *_*

  9. iShootYoux says:

    Love thiss m8! Nice dancing 😉

  10. whahahaize says:

    best shuffler i have ever seen !! YOU ROCK !

  11. WingZero616 says:

    @RomaraAhallow thanks alot mate! 😀

  12. RomaraAhallow says:

    I just love how in tune your body is with the music.

  13. Myprideness says:


  14. Niiice VIdeo Gefällt mir :]
    – HD | Revenge is One Of NE

  15. HardstyleDancerAL3X says:

    Wuiii *~*

  16. WingZero616 says:

    @HardstyleDancerAL3X hehe danke^^ wenn es wieder wärmer draußen wird gibts was neues/ härteres.^^

  17. HardstyleDancerAL3X says:

    Obwohl ich das Video schon gesehn habe, macht es mir immer wieder Spaß
    dein Video anzuschauen ! (:
    Echt Geil gemacht ! (:
    Mach blos weiter ! ;D


  18. Your style is fucking huge and unique. Please, do not ever stop shuffling.

  19. holysoks1 says:



    Keep it up 😀 😀 😀


  20. i wanna learn this so REALLY bad!!!!!

  21. BlackZeroP says:

    alter das will ich auch könennnn

  22. WingZero616 says:

    @AxelCanDance nope, ich besitze nichts von gs..

  23. AxelCanDance says:

    is des n gs hoodie??

  24. WingZero616 says:

    @hudopurea seit september 2007. 😉

  25. hudopurea says:

    omg wie geil wie lange machste das schon??