Sydney Shuffle Meetup 10-07-10 Edited by Trippy Song list 0:03 - A Wak - System Activated (Original Mix) 0:57 - Noisecontrollers - Summer In The City Official Decibel 2010 Anthem 1:17 - Activator - Rising Sun 1:37 - Noisecontrollers - Summer In The City Official Decibel 2010 Anthem 2:00 - Kidd Kaos - Hot Wired 2:49 - Frontliner - Discorecord 3:14 - DJ Isaac - Bitches (Original Mix) 3:52 - Scope DJ - Househeads 4:16 - The Pitcher - Take Me Higher 4:39 - Joshua Hiroshy - Endovene 5:01 - Insiderz - On The Beach 5:29 - A Wak - System Activated (Original Mix) 5:45 - Joshua Hiroshy - Endovene 6:07 - Noisecontrollers - Venom (Wildstylez Remix) 7:10 - Bioweapon - Move Your Body 7:50 - Dutch Master - Recalled to Life 8:24 - Alphaverb - TBA

Jumpstyle & Shuffle Meetup || 22Feb2010 || Wexford Sidejump hardjump tutorial Patrick jumpen jumpforce jumptek 2fast2jump Russian League
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Sydney Shuffle Meetup 10-07-10 [SONG LIST]”

  1. DFWROCKER says:

    please don’t ever quit.

  2. DFWROCKER says:

    that was so fuckin dope. Shuffling is getting big in the USA especially Texas. Thanks to me and my shuffling friends . Shuffling forever. I love you guyz!

  3. ChaosShufflers says:

    @AlonzoM7 well i dont do proper malay but its pretty close, this vid is a shit example since i was drunk off my face in it…. -.- but yehhh it took me about 9 months 2 prefect my stomp style

  4. AlonzoM7 says:

    i wish i cld do malay like timps hey timps how long did it take u to praqctise and master the malay its so hard can u tell me any tips plz bro

  5. lol @ 1:20 guy _o-

  6. joseonti says:

    sick video i love this ish so much hey can u guys sub to my channel im tryin to get to at least 250 cuz i wanna make tutorials u wud be helping alot if u sub thx if u want a sub bak let me know

  7. GLENhtid says:


  8. RichardCuzz says:

    1:26 like ur Tn’s

  9. OMG best dude is on 2:29 nice shuffle !!!

  10. ChaosShufflers says:

    @sasukefanperson this isnt a porno lmao!

  11. sasukefanperson says:

    not enough hot chick shuffling action

  12. ChaosShufflers says:

    @HARDSTYLExNL there shorts u dumb ass nd if u lived here in the 35 degree heat u would wear them 2

    fuck u nd stop spaming this vid!


  13. OnlyMarsin says:

    @HARDSTYLExNL there not even pants you faggot

  14. ChaosShufflers says:

    @HARDSTYLExNL how so?

  15. HARDSTYLExNL says:

    @ChaosShufflers i’m not saying u should wear phat pants. but shuffling in those pants it’s just wrong

  16. ChaosShufflers says:

    @HARDSTYLExNL thats a pretty dumb comment just cause some1 dosnt wear phatts…. most shufflers dont wear phatts actually

  17. HARDSTYLExNL says:

    @OnlyMarsin next step shuffeling in your underpants or somth? HAHA XD

  18. OnlyMarsin says:

    @HARDSTYLExNL they use to but now we stick to track pants or shorts jeans ect

  19. Kaganskiezz says:

    @HARDSTYLExNL u look gay.

  20. HARDSTYLExNL says:

    thought more ppl whore phat pant in australie btw for the rest nice shuffeling

  21. HARDSTYLExNL says:

    1:20 looks gay shuffeling in those pants WTF

  22. NHShaynne says:

    @TheMark0940 lmao iv seen northern ireland, its a different style you cant compare . but these guys would destroy ireland.

  23. fancier18 says:

    1:37 best 😉

  24. itsleonshuffler says:

    @ChaosShufflers i didnt say anything about 1 step???? idk. i only know that theres 1 person MAS. everyone else is stomp

  25. RevControllerzz says:

    very very nice!!soon I will do the videos))))

  26. josepharellano8 says:

    Bad ass video ill post a vid of me jumpen nd shuffling

  27. LaxPlayer8796 says:

    Woodzee jumps so much harder, he is the best other than thomas

  28. Hardstyler4InPut says:

    nice jump boys!

  29. Shufflemaster2k10 says:

    song name at 2 : 52 PLZZZZZZZZZ 😀 ill subscribe 😀

  30. lilym2k8 says:

    woodzee and wardy are animal 🙂

  31. crouch351 says:

    Good old days wen every1 jumped 😮 well I didn really do antin den :L

  32. woodzee6194 says:

    @XxTiMTaM98xX look at my latest vid 🙂 im way beta at shuffling 🙂

  33. XxTiMTaM98xX says:

    woodzee nice jump btw the shuffling is not that good but better than the others

  34. JumpStyle212 says:

    y do u not put the tracklist in , some songs are class man

  35. MrWeafer says:

    i think woodzee is fuckin deadly man

  36. MrWeafer says:

    woodzee ur a fuckin deadly jumpstyler ha
    wish cud jumpstyle haha

  37. woodzee6194 says:

    @MACKEN2009 Hahahah ur gay no1 subs to u coz ur gay…
    the only cocks i wash is mine and ur mothers ;P

  38. MACKEN2009 says:

    @woodzee6194 did i say anything about subs you douchebag i said it was bent meaning shuffling.. fuckin cockwasher

  39. woodzee6194 says:

    @MACKEN2009 you’ve 16 subs get over urself

  40. MACKEN2009 says:

    That’s bent

  41. swanseacityfcrc says:

    woodzee fuking class ur alll good ;)X

  42. woodzee6194 says:

    @ExyLikesToJump THANKS 😀 im uploadin a new vid as we speak check it out.. 🙂

  43. ExyLikesToJump says:

    Woodzee and Wardy have exceptional SideJump. You certainly get props. So, I give you this -> #FTW

  44. TheKarmelowa says:

    u’rr amazin woodzee ;**

  45. pokekappa says:

    nice jump xD watch my jumpstyle video pleas

  46. GodofJumpstyle1991 says:

    i mean 2:53v 🙂

  47. GodofJumpstyle1991 says:

    whats the song at 2:10???
    i want to use it in my new vid

  48. PocketAcesPoker says:

    great shuffle woodzee

  49. Scarykill3r says:

    was nice nd fun day 😛 next time u’l know my nick is TomaSz not thomas XDDD