Fun day lol xD Song list *in order* 1. Let it rock - Karpe DM 2. dunno 3. Nintendo hardstyle - vinganza 4. perfect exceeder - Mason vs princess superstar 5. i kissed a girl - Karpe DM 6. Rephex - kill bill 7. Right now (club mix) - dunno :S 8. what - punkbusters 9. Tune - 2 playaz 10. what hurts the most - Cascada April 19th 2009 Meetup 8 !! Enjoy ! edited by LiL Aly
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25 Responses to “Sydney Shuffle Meetup 19/4/09 SONG LIST RELEASED !!”

  1. MrGunnnah says:

    i lol’d at the retard 1 stepping

  2. CarLit0Z13 says:

    hey on 0:40 its no mikki ???

  3. Al3xCantShuffle says:

    2nd song is mad πŸ™‚
    anyone know it ? d-_-b

  4. HardstyleZeee says:

    @Jcbzr haha ohh really i could say the same for u πŸ™‚

  5. the kid in the hk jumper looks like a poof

  6. RennTaPenn says:

    LOL EVERYONE IS LOOKIN AT THEIR FEET AS THEY SHUFFLE… kinda looks nubbish. but this was a sucessful meetup

  7. WorstCommenter2008 says:

    Decent gatherup…. wonder if there will be anything similar this year…. and i mean with such a huge gatherup not 10 people of one single crew meeting up.

  8. redlinerumble3 says:

    Sorry but the songs can are better : /

  9. LOL sydney. nothing beats melbourne shuffle. sorry aly.

  10. DrUnnameds says:

    How do you organiseο»Ώ such big meet ups? and how do people know about them, please tell me someone?

  11. the second song is like nuttyt i think?

  12. imingunit1 says:

    wholy crap, that one was big!

  13. austyn501 says:

    nvm my dumb ass found it…. DX

  14. austyn501 says:

    someone please tell me the first song πŸ™‚
    i know its “let it rock” i just dont know what remix :/
    please πŸ™‚

  15. dstrkion says:

    lol it started to rain at 4:00

  16. princebhatia01 says:

    hey bro nice vid wats the name of the second song

  17. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    whats the song at 1:21??
    :p great vid!!!!!

  18. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    what the song at 1:21

  19. rasofbabilon says:

    che megacagata

  20. teakwondomasterhta says:


  21. XoXCrazyVietDudeXoX says:

    1:55 Mass Orgy Lol
    6:14 WoW Fat Shit

  22. basskraver says:

    lol ok 1. how is it immigrant when its from australia and 2. its nowhere near tap dancing 3. id like to see you try it 4. no one made u watch it 5. if u dont like it fuck off …. i can keep going if you like LOL you hate on us well the answer is simple DONT WATCH IT πŸ˜€ have a nice day

  23. xtremetrojan says:

    someone find the second song!!! πŸ˜€ plz? πŸ™ only one i like

  24. XChxshufflex says:

    la cancion nΒΊ5 es de katy perry pero es un mix de karpe dm y esta buenisimo 5/5

  25. HSI4life says:

    GO chaos n bass lunatix aha xD