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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “T.hat’s N.eon’s G.eneration ♥”

  1. liddohsandraaa says:

    niceeee , i like your stylee (:

    -liddohsandraaa l sola l ♥

  2. DaisyLovezsYouh143 says:

    What sonq is this?(:

  3. Song??… Nice moves by the way

  4. markispotter says:

    Add me as a friend please

  5. PandaBaer4 says:


  6. markispotter says:

    Please add me your too awesome !

  7. xXlittlemissesXx says:

    Hard shuffling like that needs harder music. But that was super good

  8. zZtHeChAmP says:

    Cutest shuffler or what 🙂

  9. Jaaycaar says:

    Youur beast . I love this video (:

  10. serena221345 says:

    whats the song called??

  11. deejayybadboy says:

    Nice like it (: Check some of my new remix on my chanel pls subcribe me.
    i would like to see a video with one of my track that goes to anyone ill support it
    check my tracks out on my chanel coment and like pls.

  12. AligningthePieces says:

    You’re fucking amazing, holy shit <3 (x

  13. MalaysianInvasionKrw says:

    @Flapo30 Lol, Fucken Hater (x

  14. KsstheStrs says:

    Whats the name to this song?

    Shazam wont pick it up. 🙁

  15. JBLOVER9635 says:

    greatttt! love it i just wish i was as good as yahh!

  16. droops213100 says:

    Tsss Youu Get Down (:  -Tzoeee

  17. SEXYTREBLE1984 says:

    I give props to melona and bobby pin they know what’s up

  18. SEXYTREBLE1984 says:

    Come on this gremlin is fat and slow lol she’s trying to do Malay lol fucking retard stupid fucks!!!!!!!

  19. MUSICISTHESH1T says:

    0:50 – 1:10 …awesome. Great vid

  20. wayneb1992 says:

    i wanna meet this amazing girl, inspiration pours out of her, keep it up NEON 🙂

  21. TheOakoner says:

    u shuffle real good keep it up ^.^ <3

    --DJ TAGGZ

  22. i see the L.A. shufflers with this style i don’t like it but this girl makes it look great ^_^
    <3 keep up the good work
    RR- Ian

  23. Krusadahz says:

    song namee? :] i already commented on this vid but i comment again 😀
    love the creativity when you shuffle , its cool to watch something different :] ^____^

  24. LEGENDthatsME says:

    *drool* lol A+++ skills awesome;) Neon id love to meet you.

  25. Lady u got so much style.. keep up the gud work