hey guys, i have created a compilation of a very good and original shuffler, his name is T1M you can check out his channel here www.youtube.com ps i failed with quality SONGLIST Hardstyle Masterz - Respect Chain Reaction - Answers TNT - Double Dutch Darkies DJ D - Disharmonic Harmony [Hardcore 2008] check out twitter.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “T1M Melbourne Shuffle Compilation[SONGLIST RELEASED]”

  1. osmium000 says:

    this is hardstyle shuffle … just with some of his own moves mixed in.

  2. Earthquaker501 says:

    The dance is off beat to hardstyle music, when muting the vid and playing a beat like “starsplash – cold as ice” the beat fits the dance.

  3. TheRealButtcheddaa says:

    your spins are epic nice. Still can’t figure out how you do that.

  4. iTzAmEsOmE says:


  5. @Rubensflow It’s a new generation of melbourne shuffle

  6. Rubensflow says:

    its really good but this isn’t malaysian shuffle or melbourne shuffle, this is another style
    that is how the dances away

  7. Now this is REAL Malaysian

  8. MelbShuffleMissl says:


    Thats not Hardstyle or Melbourne Shuffle Thats Random Epic!!!!

  9. Ivaircopyright says:

    Comment & like Bro /watch?v=zJbidybwYCg

  10. @thetyma but he does have a Melbourne Hardstyle style to him

  11. ArkainShiva says:

    @Kleschott This isn’t shuffle, nor jumping like a frog, but being godlike!

  12. HardstepTijuana says:

    thats what im talkni about some originality with the shuffle no suckers who want 2 be Francis or sacco like bulldog

  13. matixitam1 says:

    You are the best shuffler I ever saw. Sick style! 🙂

  14. @SkynetStudios1 maybe his hardstyle is not suposed to be smooth but agressive ^^

  15. @bmxkid63 its called being original.

  16. Diestro92 says:

    @xBadBooy y bueno aprendé xD
    que es facil -w-

  17. i saw alittle of shuffle there but a bunch of other moves than have nothing to do with it.
    i personally believe this is garbage….. lol good music tho (:

  18. 154jonatan says:

    the best shuffler i saww nice ^^

  19. TheIcyvoid says:

    Please make a tutorial at ur moves and i just LOVE your vids, i’ve seen Sacco and Mikkiz and i thought they were like best shufflers in the world, then i saw you.
    Keep it up!

  20. HOVERCAT12 says:

    The bit at the end…holy fucking fuck, your god aren’t you?

  21. T1M is my favourite shuffler:’)!
    Amazing style!

  22. IKESHUFFLE says:

    @thetyma lol pwnd ^^

  23. midnightyea says:

    0:34 “UGH… LEFT….RIGHT! NO LEFT OR MAYBE…ARRGH! f*ck it, spin..

  24. Holy shit, this guys got major style.

  25. dominodrumfan says:

    @thetyma He just got owned =)