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25 Responses to “T1M Shuffle”

  1. Dome98Otaku says:

    @henri470x Hardstlye/Hardtrance

  2. henri470x says:

    someone tell me what is the music genre pleaseeeeeeee

  3. rafachaos26 says:

    1° music?

  4. iceman8591 says:

    The Songlist please ><

  5. TheProlematic7 says:

    @trainwrack Francis is not even close to beat T1M

  6. DjPulseK says:

    0:16 I think he just whispered “Your fucked.” :S

  7. a56253608 says:

    好威好威  有夠強得xd

  8. ahjeee1992 says:

    A shuffle competition? srsly?.. dayum.. these days, the kids.. haiz.. try shuffle infront of Muhammad Ali. He’ll show u the Ali shuffle. Lol

  9. EddyPwndProductions says:

    noh too bad you didn’t show the “bart” part.

  10. zzasserzz says:

    @DJTEDDYBEAR100 very far from “real” shufflin LOL but hes one hell of dancer

  11. hobbyskiller1 says:

    Name of the Song? 😮

  12. lukyzzz89 says:

    Nice :))
    T1M Panich brother???? o.O

  13. nice :) dança dimaisss

  14. mycomgame007 says:

    What was the first song :O

  15. i find his style absolutely appalling … dont´t know steps are quiet good but it´s not the shuffle i like (like the whole event there) 

  16. ReloaD10101 says:

    shuffle to express, not to impress
    shuffle aint made to battle…

  17. SpynalShuffler555 says:

    27 sucker boys where here=
    27Jumpstyles where here

  18. ParrickXX says:

    nice work 🙂 thx.

  19. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    how u edit ur video so awesome

  20. GSKGagaZet says:

    you don’t battle in the scene.

  21. Tmack22222 says:

    @buggydama exactly

  22. buggydama says:

    T1M learned all the things shuffle, but forgot to learn the RM

  23. BIGBADSQUID says:

    look up hsa sacco…. i think him and t1m are tied but they are a little bit different styles

  24. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am a shuffler. Check my channel! 🙂

  25. WantingTubbySomeone says:

    Fuhh..<3 ;DD