Hi everyone 😉 Firstly thank you for 1,5k subscribers! Secondly it is only the part one! I hope you enjoyed..Maybe favorite? 😀 I've got news for you. A good one and a bad one. Bad: Timofey asked to upload part two of the video in March. Good: Timofey promised a present for you, it's going to be a photo or a video after coming back from army. Starring T1M. Be sure you check him out! www.youtube.com Edited by Fant1: vk.com facebook.com Обработка видео: vk.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “T1M Shuffle Timeline”

  1. th3DarkJack says:

    overrated IMO

  2. XSilvenX says:

    This guy goes hard.

  3. Karpeev73 says:

    @daddyjohnez =D

  4. Karpeev73 says:

    @lTr0yI Что?

  5. Karpeev73 says:

    @TrueMaxEvans Где они есть то? Сто раз говорил, что после 1000

  6. 9:50 O_O

  7. gitssacrules says:

    @SubheroXD Lol no

  8. TrebleTrouble115 says:

    Song list?

  9. BassKids1 says:

    howd u make that intro and T1M at 8:00 *-*

  10. daddyjohnez says:

    song at 0:52???? i love it!!!

  11. daddyjohnez says:

    chuck norris
    2 chuck norrises
    infinte chuck norrises

  12. epichardstyle700 says:

    plz cn u put da songlist up

  13. TrueMaxEvans says:

    все лайки есть)Ждем сонглист

  14. a8207122009 says:

    2:58 what’s the name of the song?

  15. Axxo978 says:

    He’s very good , just never compare to Sacco or Mikki . Good editing .. As for the other shufflers, anything is possible if you set you’re mind to it. Only makes 7 months shuffling for me 😀

  16. boredandhungryTV says:

    @minyshuffle you think saccos better than mikki? :

  17. 0205Cereal says:

    Very Nice Man The Best Shuffle of World *-*

    Songlist Please?

    BY: P o o h

  18. HeavenlGhost says:

    could someone give me the complete songlist?

  19. dawdsdwadsawas says:

    The dislike bar is a ninja, its there but you cant see it.

  20. Ottenstyle says:

    WIe heist das lied am anfang find das voll geil diese Break shone break shone time is running

  21. omfg i love your style!

  22. Harcoswolf says:

    Where is the Part 2? 🙂

  23. MrWeni96 says:

    Songlist Please <3

  24. noxxiify says:

    1st song?
    It’s just epic *^*
    perfect editing + perfect shuffle skills = THIS *^*

  25. MetinStone says:

    just godlike 😀
    anyone knows teh song starts at 07.03  and the song at 08.04 ????