Was a really nice session.Practiced some new moves and had some fun 🙂 Track: Angy Kore - Technokiller (Matteo Poker Remix)

25 Responses to “Technokiller Shuffle session”

  1. it looks like youre working out your arms LOL

  2. DerStier901 says:

    Warum shuffelst du eig fast immer zu Minimal? Und nich zu Hardstyle?
    Sag jetzt nich “weils mir besser gefällt”, die ausrede kauf ich net ab ;D

  3. azo0ownz says:

    @MegaRaver21 btw. shufflin to hardstyle is out 😛

  4. azo0ownz says:

    @Morlokx hehe, same here 🙂 nice flow, good feelin, nothin to criticise <3 maximal minimal!

  5. GHSxBloodrage says:

    @Morlokx du sagst seit einem halben jahr das du schon 2,5 jahre shuffelst xD

  6. Scissorshit says:

    @Morlokx Könntest davon mal ein video machen? Würde mich mal interessieren 😉

  7. GHSxBloodrage says:

    @Morlokx darf man mal fragen wie du es schafst das die reflektoren so lang halten ich meine diese hose hast du ja schon ewig …. und sie sieht immernoch top aus

    ich frage weil leute von mir meinen das diese dinger extrem empfindlich sind
    hast du da ein paar tipps?

  8. metallicat22 says:

    @Morlokx ur getting so good man… been watching u a while,keep up the great work!! 😉

  9. @MegaRaver21
    sometimes… ^^

  10. CrAzYcArNiE08 says:

    @CrAzYcArNiE08 ok so it was you, but still. LOL

  11. CrAzYcArNiE08 says:

    @szondom well some of the malasian hardstyle has those breaks where you hear the guy talking and it’s about battles and stuff. A good dancer can probably fight and vice versa. But yes, take out the “imagine opponents” part, but I hope you know what I meant. the dude was ripping on him, and I can’t stand that crap.

  12. @CrAzYcArNiE08
    I think you shouldn’t imagin opponents why you’re shufflin: )

  13. MegaRaver21 says:

    do you ever shuffle to hardstyle?

  14. @DarkRockRipper
    thanks 🙂
    I´m now shuffling for 2,5 year or something (with regular practice). And I´m not taping my shoes – there are barefoot vids too 😉


  15. DarkRockRipper says:

    dude i love 2:00 also 3:30 really smooth too how long you been shuffling? btw you have duct take on the bottom of your shoes or what? cuz i put duct tape on my vans to slide better and still your style looks flawless compared to mine XD

  16. alexlogan7 says:

    @Morlokx omg how do u even move in there with the full 5.1 it’d b like shufling thru chocolate fudge

  17. ollobrains1 says:

    im hard bend over its time to recieve hardcore

  18. HeLuSkate says:

    nice 😉

  19. Scissorshit says:

    Great shuffling, especially your handmoves 😉
    But its kind of smooth and easy shuffling isnt it? 😀

  20. Lol i thought you quit putting up videos o.O scared me there for a second 😛
    Really nice shuffling btw, love the transitions you make 😀 Keep it up

  21. orkamera83 says:

    Nice dude, looks really smoooooooth! Nice track also!

  22. @CrAzYcArNiE08
    hehe… yes it is… even more 😉 Those are only 2 rear speakers of my 5.1 system. Got some volume in there.

  23. @jasonward1987
    thanks.Practicing this move was the intention for this session 😉

  24. @TheTimeGnome
    hehe 😀 nice to be a reason for crying 😉
    thanks a lot!

  25. CrAzYcArNiE08 says:

    If those are two speakers I’m looking at, I bet the music is so thick in there you could taste it!