tecktonik Choreography with Melbourne Shuffle in the middle 😉 Enjoy Kaszuby, Ontario, Canada, Summer '09

25 Responses to “Tecktonik and Shuffle Choreography”

  1. redbabe57 says:

    hahah yeah, im one of those screaming girls so I can confirm this.

  2. groovymeny says:

    i like tonic but not that gayass stuff

  3. shuffperu says:

    shuffle lol

  4. PolskyXD says:

    bro, you still in harcerstwo? im gonna come over for the next zlot thing, since its meant to be in canada and ill show you how its done aussie style, great tecktonik btw, but i need to teach you guys how to shuffle 😛

  5. carl14allen says:

    Orrrrrrrr… they could be high pitched gay men? eh?!

  6. Bomblebean says:

    nice Tecktonik move but thats for girls…. and the shuffle was horrible

  7. Excarituds says:

    i think tecktonic should be for girls im just saying but cool moves guys

  8. TheSoundFever says:

    sir, i need only one.. oh i have already one. 🙂

  9. ardaege90 says:

    It’s not gay camp dumbass there are lots of screaming girls that you can not even imagine !

  10. egoOolas says:

    el que baila shuflle esta muy pendejo =)

  11. mcgolfland says:

    2:15 ahahhahahhhhhhhh!!!!! BEEEES!!!

  12. ManyDifferentThings0 says:

    haha tectonic looks like a couple gay dudes dancin at a gay bar. so yes its its a gay club.

  13. bp6cjo45 says:

    Not gay its nice

  14. kingofshadows2323 says:

    damn this guys are f-ing good if i practis i bet i could do this

  15. BlacksSidersGA says:

    hahahahahahahahahahaha mamon

  16. rah93012 says:

    First time I saw a teenage shuffler that DIDN’T look retarded dancing, but the tecktonik guys… well I won’t say “gay”, but I guess Canada just ain’t the US…

  17. rah93012 says:

    Thumbs Up if you think this video should have been done to Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”!?

  18. MrPeeepit4 says:

    puta los weones riqos *¬¬¬¬* <3

  19. SkettiTacos says:

    Tecktonik is better for girls but you guys pulled it off. Good Show! :D

  20. xXblazeXxful says:

    tecktonik is a girl dance

  21. guitarz928 says:

    I love the combination of styles here! Very awesome!

  22. nfsracer14 says:

    tecktonik sucks ! Shuffle Rocks 😀

  23. keviolaf01 says:

    CampRock xD

  24. OMFGPrinnyDood says:

    0:45 Fuuuuu~sion! Ha!

  25. very funny,the part is 2.13 to 2.17