TER//ESCALADE having a shuffle 😛 dedicated to Briann xD.

12 Responses to “TER// ESCALADE Going Crazy…. Dedicated to Brian mates 4 lifee”

  1. Cohen South says:

    whatss the one at 1.48

  2. Nash Singh says:

    oh thats heaps sickk but um nah i really didnt take em tho

  3. yazdani10 says:

    nice video bro. ur way beta than ur first video

  4. supermanchris4 says:

    hahahahahah my nam day i love you so much ur so lol see im loling lol lol
    lol lol lol lol hahahahaha dry

  5. ye, nice work nash.

  6. nice werk bro ur heaps beta =p im in san fransisco ill be back in like 3-5
    days i had a mad time yesterday at yosemite park 5hour longdrive saw a
    couple bears d= rofl cya soon btw idc about da accounts soz for taking it

  7. Nash Singh says:

    lol thanxx

  8. Nash Singh says:

    haha thanxx =-)

  9. Cohen South says:

    and 2.31

  10. DjFlameKebabi says:

    lift your knees and you good btw its diyar from soccer lol

  11. XxShufflezxX says:

    FUK!!!!!! nice man fukin good compiltion keep em coming!!!! :L

  12. Nash Singh says:

    thanxx (L)