The Best Shuffle Girls Ever

List of Shufflers THP Siera,THS Kim, HSA Tiny.Z,BR Mez, Plur Princess, Carol, Sarah, HOTB Katherinne, & HOTB Akasha. THP Siera : Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia THS Kim : Patrick Bunton - Young Birds HSA Tiny.Z : DJ Slideout - Bloody Pimp BR Mez : Blademasterz aka Brennan Heart - Audio Care Plur Princess : Showtek - Dust 2 Dust Carol : Showtek - Dominate Sarah : Showtek - Colours Of The Harder Styles HOTB Katherinne : Blutonium Boy - Cocaine Bar, Lsd Island HOTB Akasha : 2 Playaz - Tune ( Upbeat Mix) There you go, No more asking about the song. Enjoy; 🙂
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “The Best Shuffle Girls Ever”

  1. senada Hodzic says:

    90s kids

  2. samcerulean1412 says:

    Tina is the boss, she’s in that zone

  3. SuperJojo559 says:

    This girl siera that’s a bad ass shuffler

  4. PaigeeStudd says:

    Yeah Siera was by far the best. Sick as hell.

  5. LightningBBoy says:

    why the girl can t shuffle ?? it s normal

  6. DJCATMUF says:

    O.O impressive!

  7. DefenS93 says:

    and at which part is josey, i mean ilovegracegale ?

  8. lawyerxsinxdarkky says:

    Siera the best

  9. hollyquinton says:

    siera is deffo the best :DD

  10. MeLLiPuSsY says:

    shit of shuffle! hakke is the best

  11. melbourne shuffle says:

    mt masa esse video:)

  12. EggsGamingSD says:

    So true bro

  13. libzzz2000 says:

    @yzfr6003 aight JUST STOP yeh, why be-little one for there lack of pride in there gramma and who gives a shit Iif they have “ignorance ” for there spelling and use of words..: we ain’t at school and it deffinetly ain’t hurtin anyone, so you better just stfu and stop ruining this video! This video is pretty old and you are still making a fuss over the comments that are bein made? God just grow up

  14. AlucardGodz says:

    You said the word “Nigga” about 100 times. I am not even English but I can spell and write better than you do. Please take your badman – gangster attitude to somewhere else. God humans…

  15. lollerskates1992 says:

    actually he didn’t spell everything right =/

  16. Neverunderestimate4 says:

    I think the first four are the best out of all of them

  17. kjdragon07 says:

    va aprender a editar video e_e

  18. ringringdingbah says:

    I would hate to intrude further, but the origins of your comment seem rather mislead. You seem to believe that the comment he posted came simply out of thin air with no intended direction to anyone. There were in fact people commenting about “tits” (I think it’s more adult to say breasts) before he posted his comment.Is it wrong to correct the social injustice created by immature people especially when this social injustice is directed towards these young, talented ladies? PS: I’m a guy.

  19. adrianita10hotgril says:

    WOW you dance so fn cool but still not the best shuffler

  20. SoSikk999 says:

    Fuck Melbourne

  21. mastahosick says:

    they ok.

  22. MINN3APOLIS says:


  23. MrPyro145 says:

    I agree but I think Tinyz is like 19 lol.

  24. Drokhan Ravenwatch says:


  25. Drokhan Ravenwatch says:

    uh, they don’t have tits… their little 12-15 year olds or they have them covered up really well.. HAHAHA