This is my (RandomVidz888) first video , these are the best shufflers/electro shufflers (wing) i could find on youtube . So if you like what you see subscribe to my account and add me as a friend and you could be in my next video πŸ˜‰ also sub the shufflers accounts in the vid πŸ™‚ The Melbourne shuffle is a style of street and rave dance that originated in the late 1980s in the Melbourne underground scene. The basic movements in the dance are a fast heel-and-toe action with a style suitable for various types of electronic music. Some variants incorporate arm movements. Late 1980searly 1990s: In the late 80s, the Melbourne Shuffle began to emerge as a distinct dance, incorporating more hand movement than previous styles. Hip Hop, Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum and Bass and Big Beat music were gradually replaced with Trance and House music. Midlate 1990s: A number of videos documenting the style during this era exist as the style increased in popularity. There are many variations of this dance but the main heel-to-toe movement remained the key motion, giving it the name "the Melbourne shuffle". 20002008: In 2006 with the rising popularity of YouTube, dancers internationally now contribute to the Shuffle online, posting their own variations and learning from others. The German band Scooter featured the shuffle performed by veterans Pae & Sarah in the video for the single J'adore Hardcore.The Melbourne shuffle has changed as it has evolved over time, as more people have practised the ...
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26 Responses to “The best shufflers in the world — SHUFFLE COMPILATION”

  1. Bryan17865 says:

    negro plastie!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @rokkakubeatJet dude, im just sayin. these people want to get recognition for being an awesome shuffler, let em, dont say they r doin the wrong thing by shuffling. First off shuffling is a about having fun and doing watever u want

  3. rokkakubeatJet says:

    @Oniman11 Go say that to all the other millions of people that say it too. You don’t even know me, I am a shuffler.

  4. @rokkakubeatJet say ur own words instead of quoting people greater than u

  5. rokkakubeatJet says:

    Shuffle to express, not impress

  6. 3 justin biber fans

  7. @BobbyKar666 Amber D -ο»Ώ Ambers Theme (Alex Kidd Vs Kidd Koas Remix)

  8. BobbyKar666 says:

    song name at 1:10?

  9. BobbyKar666 says:

    wie heißt das lied ab 1:10 ?

  10. he really good….oh man that the best =D

  11. allieelovessyuhh says:

    Dammmnnn!!!!youu guyss go fast!!(:

  12. OTHardstyleTO says:

    @dartymatt45 2 best enemies – Phases

  13. MelSarcauga says:

    Damn Saccos fast

  14. dartymatt45 says:

    What’s the fist song?

  15. mikkis got skills he doesnt just slam his feet on the ground like most people he slides he got style

  16. Anyone know the 1st song? I really like it…

  17. Wingz is AWESOME

  18. angeprettygirlify says:

    learning to do this

  19. AlexPetersen1 says:

    Do they try to look stupid on purpose or what?

  20. RSowner1616 says:

    i like 1:10

  21. RSowner1616 says:


  22. PumpUpTheBass00 says:

    hey iwas wonderinngg what the song was that sacco shuffled to? the last song

  23. @RSowner1616 its a girl

  24. ima start to make videos better than the ones i have right now πŸ˜› i used to suck now im pretty good xD

  25. man this guys are great but watch this guys there awesom ther name is newerashufflerz

  26. Armageddon47 says:

    I know a few people that’s epicly better than Sacco