So i finally had some time to make another compilation this one is all about the hard trance music! hope you like it! Shufflers in order: ------- Andreezy Willis aleep Jo Rockett ZeZe Neville Andypoo Knazzo Shadowz REK Denni -------- Tracklist : Giorgio Martini - In 2 The Future (Original Mix) - Steve Hill Vs D10 - Ready Or Not - Luca Antolini - Heat (Steve Hill vs Dark By Design Mix) - Pete Sheppibone - -Yes We Can- (Extended Victory Mix) - Karybde & Scylla - Eclipse (Jon The Baptist & DJ Chuck-E Remix) - Masif DJ's - Everyday [Steve Hill vs Technikal Mix] - Cally & Juice - Do It Like That(Trance Generators Remix)
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25 Responses to “The Hard Trance Shuffle Compilation”

  1. DavidBertrand11 says:

    Nice vid man…Take a look at my little shuffle video and say what you think please 🙂 /watch?v=UVfEuaHtwH0

  2. Germanshadows says:

    Who was that retarded who pressed don’t like?
    Awsome mix =)

  3. Germanshadows says:

    Who was that retarded who pressed don’t like?
    Awsome song =)

  4. If the guy at 3:20 lifted his knees higher he would be amazingly good.

  5. this is a masterpiece of music and dance,love it man !

  6. Almost Every hard trance compilation I see has the best shufflers andreezy and Willis and sometimes they even have rockett but mostly those 2 XD

  7. wedance2trance says:

    next hardtrance comp i want to be in :D!

  8. Tweaker8800 says:

    nice vid

    Shuffle ftw

  9. wereboarder2009 says:

    andypoo was by far the best…..and probably the youngest …..epic

  10. SuicideSue21 says:

    the last guy was doing like the camel walk/shuffle thingyy xD hahaha!

  11. lamabigdick93 says:

    sik as video x) r vids n tell me how ya like it

    jdubs!! -juno

  12. IngridaLTUShuffle says:

    they all dance amazing ;ooo Like

  13. lordofthenoobs says:

    Thumps up if you answered YES to the: ”READY OR NOT?”

  14. xxeu4riaxx says:


  15. sillybunz2012 says:

    not only are the shufflers way too good the camera shots were awesome and really did the dance justice

  16. Hard trance makes me feel hyped and makes my feets twitch andmakes me wanna shuffle like crazy….. WHY DIDN’T I HEAR IT BEFORE!!!??


    fucknn dope.!!! tooo down…=]]

  18. sMurff0hkK says:

    omg andreezy is amazing <3

  19. hardstyle3021 says:

    its very old loco video loco style your 10/10 10/10

  20. haha nel we komo krez

  21. TehMinJah says:

    Im so facinated with the one step style D: cause i two step, and the one step looks cool as.

  22. freaking pros!!!!!!!check out my vids.

  23. TheLiBeRs says:

    Que onda rek
    de donde es esa crew o k pex
    ya te olvidaste de mi o ke pedo

  24. axezoRSVK says:

    ReAdY oR nOt!!! fucking nice shuffle & songs!

  25. You had my little brother shut-up and sit still
    for nearly 7mins Lmao 🙂 He was very amazed
    he started shouting at the end going cool wow