Our official shuffle practice is finally here.... enjoy the video and rate and comment!!

One of the best shufflers in Sydney! V-Flow! Song List: (UNLOCKED) [IN ORDER]: Ganjaguru - War Trance Generators - Do You Wanna Balloon 2009 (Twilight Forces Remix) Amplify - Your Soul Steve Hill vs Technikal - Sawtooth Dentist Barcera - Secret of Love David Guetta - Love is gone (Karpe DM remix) Comment, Rate and Subsribe! We do not own any of the videos or songs. Part 2 is out! V-Flow Shuffle Compilation (Part 1) - www.youtube.com V-Flow Shuffle Compilation (Part 2) - www.youtube.com V-Flow Shuffle Compilation (Part 3) (THP//Lil V-Flow) - www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “THE Krew Shuffle Practice [Evolving]”

  1. Rolling Hearts Has A Badass Backpack!

  2. snuck in some electro at the end aw yeahhhhhh

    you guys are dope

  3. SuperNxGenerator says:

    wat is the song when BEAU dancesz

  4. kyster2397 says:

    Stylez is the only one i think didnt change his name

  5. D13g0M3nd3Z says:

    wat is the song that sexy ass lashez dances to?? i cant find it

  6. Styles is making a new video.

  7. MrTechingo says:

    u guys alrite

  8. famouscreeper says:

    heyy yew think i can qet rollinq hearts number.? i need to hit him upp.

  9. TacosEatPokemon12 says:

    goomba sucks

  10. PooperScooper951 says:

    Beau,Stylez,and Espana are beast as fuck. Beyond and Lashez are bomb as hell and have legit ass style

  11. pr1zonerofwar says:

    damn Beau is fucken amazing at it!!!!!

  12. TheCrazyGorilla says:

    Lashez is bomb.com!! Diegos pretty cute too…

  13. CinnamonKillz says:

    what is the song that Mr. Rolling Hearts dances to

  14. PurpleBubbles234 says:

    Michelle Killed It<3 ahahaa Gotta Love It... Too Down!

  15. Getting better. Espana shuffle is pretty legit. a lil off beat at times but fuck it.
    Styles go harder if you’re gonna play ‘one blade’ that songs needs pure melbourne.
    — what song is playing durin lashez?
    & yea thats about it, good songs playin throughout too


  17. aguilasfan2 says:

    dIs iS sOmE bEaSt aSs sHuFfLiNg!!

  18. seemed like alot of songs were offbeat o.0
    probably just youtube though

    there were a few really good people

  19. UniqueKrazyKids says:

    Holysh*t man this video is f*uckin’ Awesome! i hope i get good like you guys.. T.h.e. is the best shuffling krew thumbs up if im rite
    -Neon Irepp U.C.K.

  20. <3Rolling Hearts<3

  21. billywater1 says:

    michelle killed this shit…..

    ya boi bill from fob..outz =]=]

  22. actionstyleusa23 says:

    thanks for the shoutout throwing this on the facebook

  23. 909BassKids says:

    Nicee Vidd!!(:
    da girl are Beast!!>:) haha
    thanks for da shoutout but [I.S.K.] dropped!:/

  24. ShuffleMedia says:

    Really nice job guys. 😀

  25. GoodFridayMedia says:

    oh man I need to change my pants now….

  26. Shuffle2trance says:


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    Check it out =)

  27. HDRobot1000 says:

    Guy on wheel chair: -Vvrrrooooommm- You’ll never catch me.
    -three minuets later- Why am I in a wheel chair? why are those officers chasing me?

  28. scottyishere11 says:

    @gears114 Cause he was making a compilation dumb ass

  29. So your not even vflow? wow then why would you post his videos the -_-

    Vflow ive been watching his videos for a long time anyone know his youtube?

  30. brnsktingdieskting18 says:

    this kid is fucking sick

    [HP] [IC] a c k i l l e e z

  31. jordanbrah3333 says:

    i want your hair man ahah

  32. demonkid26 says:

    are those track pants vflow is wearing at 1:25

  33. ikedasan808styler says:

    @Matteepmw dude none of this is sped up.

  34. filostyliZticZ says:

    @Matteepmw anyone can walk that past dumbfuck. theres a car in the distance travelling at normal speed
    and the woman walking past is too
    get your facts right before you open your mouth.

  35. Uu Rock! how old are ya?

  36. 0:43 – 0:45 this is proof that it is sped up. no person would walk that fast b4 shuffling. the question is why he sped it up. to go to the beat of the music? to look pro? we dunno. But i believe it is only this 2nd vid that is sped up. ????????????

  37. shuffleboy51 says:

    holt shit fk your guddddddddd

  38. 6hardstylecrazy9 says:

    :O spin at 1:36 is …………… *jizz*

  39. shufflerz111 says:

    hey um.. hwio od are u

  40. sunshineyop00 says:

    ahaha v flow man funny 1

    luv his style and i luv this vid 1:25

    nice vid

  41. last one was the best!

  42. Lol I remeber when we battled at school man Was funny got ripped

  43. @TheLostStylez

    LOL crack up guy

  44. itsShANgi3e says:

    i think its LilVflow or something

  45. @itsShANgi3e ok then thx also whats his account? tyvm

  46. itsShANgi3e says:

    his yt account was last login at 9 months ago o_O. My friend knows him so i can ask.

  47. demonkid26 says:

    does anyone know what happen to v-flow???

  48. TheLostStylez says:

    HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT!!!! your one jumpy cunt!!! jees bro
    nice kung foo shuffle

  49. DanielHoangNguyen says:

    second clip is a speed up

  50. demonkid26 says:

    v-flow is my Fan aahahahha