i like the white color PHD hoodie boy shuffling..and i wan to ask the last song for this video...
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25 Responses to “THE MAESTRO SHUFFLER (TMS)”

  1. xXdj5harin9anXx says:

    Hsa motha fuckaz put got sum love for the tms dam were tha fuck was this at????

  2. BumpTehBass says:

    sorry danielz is the best

  3. TheCrapfish says:

    who is the first shuffler ?

  4. SEnergyable says:

    he is not the best, there’s few of those who are written on the wall of shuffle legends…

  5. ByARandomRPG says:

    I knew something was wrong haha.

  6. jessekortiz says:

    Francis is the best he is a Melbourne shuffle legend he is the best

  7. Alex Kalaitzidis says:

    he’s not the hsk daniel but he and mikki started together shuffle and now they re the 2 best legends melbourne shuffle ever saw 😀

  8. Nils Astroman says:

    Are the 2 guys in white PHD hoodies Francis and David? :O

  9. Nils Astroman says:

    No it’s TMS Daniel.
    TMS Daniel and HSK Daniel are 2 different people.

  10. that was him when he first shuffled

  11. ByARandomRPG says:

    huh mikki doesnt shuffle like that

  12. ByARandomRPG says:

    Wut thats DANIEL?!?

    Holy shit I didn’t recognize his style. o.O

  13. Alex Kalaitzidis says:

    who said about hsk? 😉

  14. Joshua Gil says:


  15. rippedcosplayer says:

    isnt it the great HSK – DANIEL!!! O.O

  16. irving cano says:

    @4:40 The Raiders – Miss Kidman On A Cruise (Fidelio Mix)
    @5:47 Dj Lady Dana – Hardstyle God

  17. irving cano says:

    @0:00 Marcel Woods – De Bom 2003
    @0:34 Technoboy – War Machine
    @0:57 Abject – Have Sex
    @1:20 Brainkicker vs Noisecontrollers – Atlantis Attack
    @1:41 DJ Zany – House Muzik
    @2:17 DJ Zany – Sky High 2005
    @2:48 Southstylerz – E-Town
    @3:12 Kamui – Ghosts (Energy Mix)
    @3:45 DJ Lady Dana – Hardstyle God (Terror Hard Mix)
    @4:08 Hennes and Cold – The Second Trip (DJ Scott Project Remix)
    @4:26 Showtek – Colours of the Harder Styles (Dub Mix)

  18. irving cano says:


  19. GERxKamiKaZe says:

    I like Francis

  20. The song is hardstyle god ( terror hard mix ) by DJ Lady Dana

  21. Danielzz ._. 

  22. susejking1 says:

    what’s the name of the song of 5:50 ??? please 😉

  23. TheTWIZTIDninjaLO says:


  24. theycallmeKGB says:

    yo whos the very first shuffler? he still amazes me

  25. Filip Fritz says:

    Ah thank you for telling me mate 🙂