Watch it in High Quality!! this is my melbourne shuffling compilation wif some old school shuffling =] enjoy btw thankyou shufflers who let me download off ur vids thankyou to: syndystyla kzmfk BigMilan ApEkWhuuT skjump x3oN

25 Responses to “THE Melbourne Shuffle Compilation pt.1”

  1. wwoooaaaaaaaaa je kiff
    vive le melbourne ! =p

  2. jacob1039 says:

    iwas watching this video for awhile… and then i just noticed its your account justin ROFLROFL

  3. robert2nitro says:

    dude song list plz πŸ˜€

  4. RaWkOnDuDe says:

    its a dream by ganjaguru

  5. thehardstylegen says:

    expansion ghost overload remix

  6. Raptor0348 says:

    first song wat is it

  7. FiestyyFifer says:

    song around 5.15ish… whats is called?? tune!!! πŸ˜€ amazing shufflers!

  8. HardstyleMillenium says:

    K*N*G- Children of the Storm

  9. shukayati says:

    1:30 Azmer rocks!!!!!!

  10. Raziel8143 says:

    6:40 :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ur RM is s0 SmooTh thatS so FKinG Aw3s0m3

  11. lovrinovic8 says:

    cosmic gate-exploration of space

  12. song that starts at 3:30 tell me now please

  13. Krusadahz says:

    i need to know who the shuffler is at 1:03 please amazing shuffler thr

  14. HSHenergy says:

    theres also
    ganjaguru – overload

  15. hahahahhahaha 3:52 is of the movies “dont mess with the zohan lol thats classic lol

  16. mark730730 says:

    The song after expansion is so good! Can someone please tell me what its called.
    Nice shuffle everyone:)

  17. still great video! loving it! watched like 10 times total!

  18. azian3450 says:

    ffs dont u noe theres lots of version of the song =.=”

  19. its not -amber savage-Expansion-

    its actually

    -Walt & Feliz–>Expansion(ghost mix overload)

  20. the songs are soooo hard to find, i looked up limewire and bearshare and still could not find it

  21. cardozo1488 says:

    1—-> east clubers- its a dream

  22. SydneyStyla says:

    every1 this is melb shuffle the real version

    this is y i hate fags saying they can melbourne but no they cant

    still loving the vid :D:D

    i downloaded the vid 5/5

  23. azian3450 says:

    its at the end of the video and if u cant see it watch it in High Quality

    Song u wanted? Technoboy – Heat

  24. lxshuffler117 says:

    i need to know the name of the song on 2:21 it sounds so badd ass i need it

  25. Jermin11111 says:

    awesome shuffling πŸ™‚ can you pleas send me the song names.