Hurraaay.. After a lot of crap making the 2nd vid it's finally here ^__^In this vid i'm going to show you guys once the Running Man a little more specific.. ANd some advanced moves ^__^ i hope you guys like it πŸ˜‰ Song: Headhunterz - End of my Existence

25 Responses to “The Melbourne Shuffle Tutorial Advanced Ambydos[NL]”

  1. XxFeaver69xX says:

    no offence but whats with the like 4 mins of nothing on yr vid HAHA good job !!

  2. DoomedHayabusa says:

    Dang i feel really stiff right now

  3. haha dude i dnt think u can call this vid advanced.. maybe just skip all the running man and basic shuffle stuff? πŸ˜‰


    ilove this vid can some one tell me how im doing



  5. acebandit579 says:

    wow dude i had to quit watching cause that first move was so advanced for me,……….come the fuck on……..that is a basic still

  6. those who are learning need to train on difficult to shuffle surfaces so you can do it anywhere and everywhere

    i started on carpet with shoes on. im not to shabby now.

    if it’s easy to accomplish then you didn’t do it right

  7. jessieinsite1991 says:

    @Yarizara sooooooo

  8. it does work on the streets, its hard tho

  9. but you’re wrong…

  10. ya it will. its just about being light on your feet. don’t put all your weight on the foot you’re sliding. it’s more of a jump. just make sure you foot stays in contact with the ground, it doesn’t have to have much if any weight on it

  11. good ^_^

  12. ok he makes it very cool its look awsome BUT the running man with glide will dont work on street or somewhere^^

  13. 2 hops dude….

  14. one hop running man

  15. i dont say its bad i only say he do the running man not right ;P

  16. ilovealankenny says:

    @Yarizara there are different kinda of running mans. ones where you lift your feet and hop, and the other one is where you slide. either where is fine

  17. ilovealankenny says:

    and if you think you know so much, why are you watching the tutorial?

  18. ilovealankenny says:

    dont be so judgemental seriously! if youb didnt like this then go watch some other tutorial

  19. hamster133 says:

    leave him alone his doing a great job if u make a tutorial and it betta then his then say something about it

  20. running man … fail
    u have to hop not to glide

  21. sambamsamantha says:

    lol some people just dont know there facts rite…stupid….ppl.

  22. StrattonLOLfail says:

    i love your ideals πŸ˜›

  23. TheWog4lyf says:

    lolz omg everyone likes to speak when they dont have to show what they can do

  24. Far Out you people are so judgmental on every move he stuffes up,misses out, or does wrong 😐 man even im not that harsh lol πŸ˜›

  25. just something i noticed, your left heel hardly ever touches the ground. plant that sucker