Oldest shuffle tag team ever. Music:~ Baracuda - La Di Da

25 Responses to “The Original Shuffle”

  1. Telepatheticfull says:

    This is not shuffle, but better than lMFAO

  2. iDmShuffle says:

    It is pro compared to LMFAO -_-

  3. 1RomG1Fuck1It1Ent1 says:

    Mad Skills ^.^

  4. blaze1372003 says:

    You, sir, are a dumbass. It’s called “original” because the dance featured is the Charleston which is remarkably similar to the Melbourne Shuffle, despite first appearing in the 1920s. The techno music is obviously just to highlight the similarities between the two dance styles.

  5. LabyrinthZonesurf says:

    That’s the mashed potato anyway -_- . . .

  6. blackcatdrake says:

    It says original shuffle not original music…

  7. 39colgate says:

    thanks dude

  8. Turismo9000 says:

    al and leon

  9. 39colgate says:

    anybody know  who these guys are?

  10. pretty sure this was around first.

  11. Blagard12 says:

    back then it was called the “Dance of unlimited Joy”

  12. Like a BOSS!!!!

  13. whiteguy1397 says:

    looks like some weird spin-off of jumpstyle

  14. Hardstyler247 says:

    Okay this isnt shuffling its just them doing a weird but cool dance i like it but the song is terrorble for their dance..

  15. SORBSR909 says:

    Are they black :O what cant they do lol 🙂

  16. Souleater2122 says:

    it just a whole bunch of HIGH KICKING 

  17. ijumqstyle says:

    00:45 Thats the old jumpstyle : D

  18. Ithaljim says:

    Umm… I was like… That ain’t a shuffle.. that’s a Charleston

  19. EinsteinCollections says:

    Search for ORIGINAL music then? this is original SHUFFLE not music and CHILL

  20. Turismo9000 says:

    no doubt about it , this has to be the original

  21. theskimdude says:

    seems ligit

  22. DDownageXD says:

    boss old school

  23. Lars28296 says:

    This is what you call old school :D:D

  24. MrSmashface says:

    Are you retarded? You obviously didn’t get the joke, he isn’t saying “This video is original”.

  25. joshdanielbuckley123 says:

    This is what you do when ur pissed lol …. Couldn’t keep a straight face :D