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24 Responses to “(The Real) Kebabi”

  1. violeta21 says:

    Vanilla ice introduced that shit to us. But the younger generations dont know that.

  2. juggernaut986 says:

    Do you still shuffle kebabi?

  3. lVraptoRl says:

    oh you were going for unique? I thought you were just trying to look like a tard.

  4. DannyCantShuffle says:

    Song is: David Guetta – Baby When The Lights Go Out (Fred Rister & J

  5. jjcomet93 says:


  6. TheCBCMusic2010 says:

    We search good dancer for a music video!
    Pls send me your best dance styles (Shuffle or other electro dance´s)
    That is you chance!:))
    Pls PN Me:)

  7. ICHANNERI says:

    sick dancing mate !

  8. ssource11 says:

    really flatfeet, you know?

  9. TheKeyb0ard94 says:

    HOLY CRAP. your the real kebabi? i know djflamekebabi, went to his school. hes a fucking prick.

  10. afgboy28 says:

    your really gdd

  11. Hey Kababi could you upload your vid where you were shufflin in house (the vid form Melbourne shuffle compilation 2 by Jack). hope you read this and answer 🙂

    By Gali XDD

  12. Goalking8 says:

    aee wats the song at the start of the lights go out then goes techno wat song is the techno

  13. ongbak001 says:

    did well for a kabab

  14. resmen81 says:

    Keep it up, very coordinated and looking good. My nephew was in to the shuffle for a few years and was good to see him do it and enjoying himself. Keeps you fit too.

  15. DEFKISSDAY says:

    Chill shuffle man

  16. DEFKISSDAY says:

    What are all the songs? It was a nice chill shuffle man

  17. AEROStrik3 says:

    still one of the cleanest shuffle

  18. AlBiiHardcore says:

    i really like to eat kebab xD

  19. C4NTH3M4N says:

    he can shuffle,but look how his head is movin..looks completely shit,like a zombi


  20. breaknrox1 says:

    you probably dont shuffle anymore, but dude make a new 1 anyway!

  21. damm kebabi u have a clean and sick style uve inspired me to shuffle more and more hahah

  22. vitaminA1996 says:

    duude you inspire me:D
    make a new vid soon
    check mine out anyone?(:

  23. PajaEterna117 says:

    name of song?

  24. mzkissable1 says:

    haha yee dude, i digg itt.. XD lolz